Frugal Organic Beginnings

A few months ago I began to learn a little bit more about organic food vs non-organic. As a typical Canadian family we enjoy the occasional junk food, but I’ve always strived for my family to eat healthy.  The more I learned about pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, processing methods and GMOs, the more uncomfortable I became with consuming them, but felt completely overwhelmed on where and how to make changes without going broke!

A friend of mine said it’s very hard for anyone in Alberta to go completely organic, so you do the best that you can within your budget. With that advice I began the journey into my second passion: eating organically and GMO-free while on a budget. And that is the entire purpose of this blog: to learn and share ways my family is striving to live a frugally organic life here in Alberta!

1098393_10153041746595136_306391147_n(One of my first organic/local food purchases for under $10!)

PS. While this blog focuses on frugal organic living, I will cover areas of frugal living that are not organic food related.


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