How it all Began

This post (along with the last and many more to follow) is being handwritten on computer paper. It’s certainly not the easiest way for the average blogger to write, but with our laptop broken, monthly budget exhausted and no ambition – let alone any idea how – to blog at the library with my 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 year olds while being 5 months pregnant, this is really, truly the easiest way for me to do it right now. So when my babies sleep, I will slowly type up my posts on my phone and publish them!  Impressed?


Now, onto my post!

I remember the day well. It was a day that literally changed our lives! Leading up to it I was thoroughly enjoying being home on maternity leave with my first born, Chloe. I fully intended to go back to work at least part time when she turned one, as a supplement to our one income, but I kept thinking about how it would affect our lives financially if I became a full time stay at home mother.

Back to that day. I went to get the mail as usual, and what I found inside was an envelope addressed to Chloe from Nestlé Baby. Inside was a coupon for baby food and I tucked it away to save for later. Months after I found myself unable to continue breast feeding Chloe because I was now pregnant with Ben and there was nothing left to give her. At that time I received another coupon from Nestlé for baby formula! What great timing!

After that, I started to question how using coupons could help us financially long term and so began my journey into couponing and shopping frugally!  I researched, collected and traded coupons!  More than two years of couponing and shopping frugally has passed, and I can’t remember the last time my husband and I fought over money (a common issue in marriage), and because of couponing/frugal shopping we’ve been able to save more money than ever before!

Here are only two of my favourite shopping trips where I used coupons and customer rewards to get our groceries for a ridiculously low price:



Keep following along!  I’ll teach you how to do this!


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