It Begins Again

I’ve dipped my virtual pen into the world of blogging twice before, but both blogs fizzled out due to lack of passion on my part. While I love reading Catholic mom blogs, it’s not what I am meant to write about.  Instead I will continue to enjoy reading these blogs, but focus on other passions of mine that I feel have been fueled by my journey through motherhood.

If I were to summarize my goal with this blog it would be to ‘share a mother’s journey into eating and living more organically and naturally without going broke’. By no means am I an expert, but one who is learning, discovering and sharing.  In no way am I judging those who do not live an organic lifestyle (I’m not 100% there either!), but am simply sharing how we are doing it within a reasonable budget.

In the following posts I will introduce my passions: couponing/frugal living, changing the way we eat, running as a frugal way to exercise, frugal organic sales/purchases and lots more.  This isn’t a mom blog per se but what I share is from a mom to help other moms who are trying to live a similar lifestyle.

Stay tuned for my next post and more on how this journey begun!


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