Crofters Jam – YUM!

I had my first taste of Crofters Organic jam at Christmas time.  This delicious, organic jam (and jellies) were perfect on my warm breakfast biscuits and scones.  Shortly after purchasing their product, I found them on Facebook and absolutely fell in love with this company.  Not only because they produce delicious, sugar free, organic, fair trade, GMO-free only fruit jams using fruit from BC and Quebec* (that really is quite a lot isn’t it!), they also ALWAYS have promotions on their Facebook page!  I repeatedly enter contests for free product coupons and while I have yet to win anything, the chances are really high.

What’s a good price for this jam if you want to give it a try?  So far I’ve seen their Premium/Just Fruit Spreads (283g) for $2.99 and their Superfruit Spreads (312g) $3.99 at Superstore: these are their sale prices and great for what you get.

If you need jam, head in before Friday, because they are on sale right now!  Let me know what you think!


*Fruit sources are also derived from other countries


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