How I Got Free Organic Milk!

…and a few other organic/whole food items too!

I like to shop strategically and make a plan before I go.  My plan doesn’t only consist of a grocery list, but almost always the price and any coupons/promotions/bonuses I will use too.

This week I was running low on organic milk and knew I’d have to head in at some point to get some.  Milk is one of those grocery items that doesn’t generally go on sale or have coupons (more on this later), but lucky for me right now there are $1 off coupons for organic milk, which was a great place to start!

At Superstore, Dairyland Organic Milk is $8.99 plus a $0.50 recycling fee so $1 coupon savings doesn’t seem like much, and with my goal to keep groceries at $350 this month, there is no way I’d be paying full or even HALF price for that.  I also didn’t want to compromise on quality.  So here’s what I did:


Initially I thought my Superbucks and $1 coupon would be enough to cover the full cost of the milk,, but I was off a little.  So I decided it was a good time to use my $25 gift card that I received last week (my reward for spending $250 at Superstore – nope, didn’t spend the full amount on groceries).  I searched through my fridge to see what else I might need for the week to use up the whole $25 gift card and also bought these items:


PC Plus also rewarded me for buying the organic milk!


I was pretty pleased that with some strategic planning, coupons, Superbucks, PC Plus and PC Mastercard, not only did I get FREE organic yogurt, organic bananas, organic milk, organic apples, I also got a couple other ‘whole food’ items as well!  OOP?  NOTHING!  It was all free!

My goal for the next few weeks is to use my Superbucks to see what organic products I can get for free or close to free.  What do you use yours for?  Anything specific?


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