13 Days, $5.62 Left to in the Budget

Today I spent $7.43 picking up a few grocery items we needed for the week.  There are 13 days left in February to stick within my $350 grocery budget and I now have $5.62 that I can spend out of pocket!


$7.43 OOP (out of pocket)

Here’s the breakdown:

– I used my rain cheque from Sobeys to FINALLY get my organic potatoes (1.36kg) for $2.49.  Regular price: $3.99.

– The Advil and eggs I got for $1.58 by using a coupon and redeeming $10 in points at Shoppers Drug Mart.  Regular or sale price: Advil $10.99, eggs $1.99.

– After price matching the milk for $7.99 (from this week’s Sobeys flyer) using my $1 coupon and $5.31 in Superbucks, I got the milk and bananas at Superstore for only $3.37.  Regular price: milk $8.99, bananas $0.89/lb.


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