What Our $350 (Mostly) Organic Grocery Budget Got Us in February

Wow. What a month. I never thought that I’d stick so close to my budget especially when I attempted to buy mostly organic/whole foods, but we did a great job!  Through careful planning, sacrificing wants verses needs, and using any means of savings/rewards possible (we did use reward points from Shoppers Drug Mart and Superstore to help us stay within our budget), we came out of this spending: $363.44 out of pocket (OOP).  I’m VERY happy with that!

Here’s what we got that was organic:

1. Milk. This was the first month that I was able to buy organic milk on a regular weekly basis!  We bought 5x 4L jugs. Cost before savings: $44.95  Cost after savings: $11.70.  I was very grateful for PC Points, $1 off coupons and Superbucks.
2. Yogurt. My kids went on a yogurt strike which was fine by me because I hardly bought any this month! Liberte 2% (750g) organic yogurt goes regularly on sale at Sobeys for $3.50, but I decided to get it the 650g for free at SS instead this month. We also used up some yogurt FPCs (free product coupon) that were expiring soon, but since no one is interested in yogurt this month I’ll either have to eat it all myself, freeze or bake with it.
3. Meats. We didn’t have any organic meats in the freezer this month but we filled it with free-from beef, pork, chicken, sausage and even free-from deli meats! Organic is my first choice, but free-from is next best.  I’ll admit that some of this meat was purchased at the end of January, but I was truly amazed at how we managed to make it last this entire month and will have some left over for March! My goal for next month is to track what we spend on meats, continue with free-from in general but buy one type of organic meat (ex. chicken). My ultimate goal is to buy organic animals directly from a farmer.
4. Produce. The Organic Box is our main source of produce, but we supplemented with bananas, apples, potatoes, lettuce (once) and cauliflower (once) from Superstore. Our produce cost us approximately $125 this month, $110 from OB. To me, this was absolutely worth it and if you break it down, that’s only $31.25/week!  We will continue buying produce this way in March.
Here’s what we got that was non-organic but whole foods: cheese, eggs, butter, Larabars, yogurt, grapefruit cups, bakery bread, oats.
Things we bought that were junk: pop, chips (although the GMO-free Kettle chips were delicious and when on sale, cheaper than Lays!), cookies, chocolate bars, gummy bears.

I’m excited to continue with this grocery challenge.  Will you consider possibly joining me?


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