6 Things You Should Buy at Shoppers Drug Mart ESPECIALLY on Redemption Day


Since this weekend is a bonus redemption weekend at Shoppers Drug Mart, I thought I’d do a quick post on what some good items to buy this weekend are.

1. Nativa Organics is Shoppers Drug Mart’s organic food brand and they have A LOT to offer.  Ranging from peanut butter to baby food to crackers to pasta (and MORE), Shoppers Drug Mart redemption days are a great way to stock up on dry organic products for FREE!  I’ve bought their crackers for sale at $1.99 and really should try out their other products since the crackers were GREAT!

This weekend is extra special because not only do you get $85 or $170 worth of free groceries, you get a bonus gift card too (to use on future food or non-food grocery purchases).



2. Butter (non-organic) is a great product to buy at Shoppers Drug Mart is general, because it often goes on sale for $2.99.  When doing a redemption, I usually pick up a block or two.

3. Eggs (non-organic) often go on sale for $1.99/dozen.  This is one of the best prices for eggs you will find, and when the “$1 off when you buy 2 dozen” coupon is available, the deal is even better!  Another product worth picking up during redemption days.  It’s on sale this week!


4. Cheese (non-organic).  Their store brand cheese is pretty decent and goes on sale for $5.99 (500g).  I only buy their cheese on redemption days.

5. Milk (non-organic).  Why not get free milk?  Before switching to organic milk, I often found $3 store peelie coupons on milk products!

6. Yogurt (non-organic).  I’ve seen peelie coupons on yogurt products too and you CAN combine a store peelie coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon!  For example, Oikos greek yogurt was $3.99-$1 store peelie and $2 manufacturer’s coupon.  Yup, I got a 4 pack of greek yogurt for $0.99!

So if you have enough points to redeem this weekend, consider getting some of your main grocery items for FREE! 


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