The First Week of March Groceries and Nothing Left in Our Grocery Budget!

Before I went shopping this week, I did a food inventory.  A food inventory is important when on a strict budget because it helps you see exactly what you have and what you need.  Once you have that inventory, you can look through the flyers to plan your weekly or monthly grocery purchases.

This month, after some careful thought, we spent our entire out of pocket food grocery budget in the first week!  We’re not worried though because after my shopping trips we have everything we need for the month (including milk!).  Here’s what I got this last week!

Black Diamond Cheese 2x $6.97/each = $13.94
Yoplait Yogurt (16x100g) = $4.97
Iogo tubes (8pk) $2.49 – $1 cpn = $1.49
Organic field greens and herbs @ $3.98 (600pt)
Strawberries (2lbs) – $3.98
Oasis organic juice boxes 3x $2.19 – 3x $0.50 cpn = $5.07
English muffins (6pk) – $1.28
Cream cheese (?) – $2.49
Bananas ($0.97/lb) – $1.66
Milk (4L) $8.99 – $1 cpn – $7.99
Granola bars – $3.76
Wings (guys night in) – $13.99
Chips (guys night in) 3x $2.49 = $7.47 (700pt)
Lindt Chocolate 2x $2.48 = $4.96 (200pt)
Ice cream (Guilty pregnancy craving.  (I NEVER pay this much for ice cream.) – $6.47

(I was too tired and hungry to take picture of the Superstore groceries.  Sorry!)

Total Superstore food items spending: $85.96 – $60 PC Points = $25.96

Organic Peas (2.5kg) – $7.99
Quinoa Duo Blend (4 lbs) – $15.99 (goes on sale for $11.99)
Annie’s Bunny Crackers (30 x 28g packets) – $9.99
Sarah’s Flatbread Crackers (742g) – $4.99 (*on sale)
Organic Chickens (2 at $9.39/kg) – $30.24
Organic No-Salt Seasoning (411g) – $8.99
Sea Salt (850g) – $2.99
Cinnamon (303g) – $2.99
Almond Butter (737g) – $8.99 (*on sale!)
Maple Syrup (1L) – $12.99
Trail Mix (1.36kg) – $10.79
Stacy’s Pita (727g) – $5.99


I bought a few other food items like jam, granola bars, granola Greek yogurt bites, chocolate chips, flour too, and in hind-sight, I should have included them in the picture since I included them in the price (*pregnancy brain*).  Non-food purchases were baby wipes.

Costco is tricky.  We won’t be using up all the salt, cinnamon, almond butter, maple syrup, quinoa, pita chips and frozen peas, flour, jam, chocolate chips in a month, but price-wise, these items were best to buy at Costco.  We probably (hopefully) won’t eat up all the crackers, Annie’s Grahams or pita chips either.  Spending money on these bulk items will save us money over the next couple of months.

Total Costco food items spending: $179.54

Save on Foods
Kashi Blueberry Clusters Cereal x3 = $12.00 – 3 FPCs = FREE
Burnbrae Naturegg Boiled Eggs x7 packages (2 in each) = $9.09 – 7 FPCs = FREE
Seven-Up (2L) x1 = $2.69 – FPC = FREE
Tropicana Orange Juice x1 = $5.29 – 1 FPC = FREE
Dairyland Organic Milk (4L) x3 = $26.77 – $1 (x3) coupons = $23.77
Silver Hills Organic Bread x6 loaves = $21
Organic Mushrooms (454g) $4.99 – $1 (when you redeem 500 points) = $3.99


Total Save-on-Foods spending: $37.73

The Organic Box

Week 1


Doesn’t this just look amazing?!

Total Organic Box Spending: $110

(Technically we haven’t paid for the second box yet, but I budget it as paid so I don’t spend this money elsewhere.)

Total weekly spending?  $353.23
What’s left in our OUT OF POCKET budget? 

If we need anything in the next 23 days, we will need to use PC Points, Shoppers Drug Mart points, Superbucks and my $25 Superstore gift card from the Superstore offer.

Stay tuned!  Challenges like this excite me!


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