We Froze Our Milk This Month

We froze our milk this month for two reasons:

1. I wanted to see how much milk we go through and if freezing it is a good way to help save money 2. If this is a ‘success’ it may be a huge life saver after the baby is born!

Cost of milk this month (3x 4L): $19.92
(After 15% and 3x $1 coupons.  There was also some overage from the FPCs.  Clearly this is more than me spent on milk in February with no PC points.  We shall see if this is the right way to go.)

Here’s how I did it:

1. Collect your supplies.  You’ll need:

  • Very well sealed zipper freezer bags.
  • Sharpie or pen
  • Cookie tray

We only froze 2x 4L jugs because we already broke into the 3rd one.

2. Write down important information on the bags:

  • Date you froze the milk
  • Date the milk expires
  • How much you put in the bag (I did approximately 2L so that there was room to lay the bag flat-ish)
  • Days you have after thawing before the milk goes bad (in my case, 10 days)


3. Pouring the milk.  I found this way to be the best.  Put the bag over top of the jug as tightly as possible and slowly pour the milk into the bag.


4. Lie each bag flat on a cookie sheet (they don’t stack well before they are frozen, so I staggered them a bit).


5. Lie flat in the freezer.

6. Thawing. When you thaw the milk, let it thaw in slightly in the fridge, then dump the contents into a jug that can be sealed.  There will be slightly ‘more’ milk due to thawed ice.  Thawing can take up to 24 hours so make sure to take it out in time so that you can use it when you run out of milk.

7. Milk jar.  I bought a milk jar from Home Sense for $5.99 and am going to go back to buy a second one so all the thawed milk has a place to go.  Totally optional, but oh so cute!



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