4 Tips on How to Use Rebate Offers When Buying Organic Food

Many times rebate offers are forgotten when shopping for groceries.  Earning a dollar here or there back on your purchases can add up over time, especially when shopping for organic items!  Today, I’ll focus specifically on SnapSaves.


SnapSaves is a great place to get rebates on fresh produce, and it doesn’t exclude organic!  Yesterday, I looked at my SnapSaves offers and found that among the many produce offers they were offering $1 back on any strawberries and $1 back on any potatoes.  What a great time to go in pick some up from the store this week!


Here are my suggestions for optimizing rebate offers.

1. If you have a smartphone, sign up for this app!  It’s free and easy to use.

2. When you’re checking out Frugal Friday Finds or planning your grocery list, look through their offers to see what may apply to your purchases for the coming week.

3. If you’re planning to shop at Superstore, check out your PC Points offers and see if anything you’re buying can get your points as well!


4. Upload your receipt as soon as you can!  This is to avoid forgetting and missing out on getting money back.



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