A Few Things About Costco…

We headed over to Costco this morning in search of their clearance black out blinds: no luck.  Here’s what we saw while there.

First off, the Annie Bunnie Graham’s are on sale this week for $7.49 a box!  These are regularly $9.99.  If your kids like these treats, pick up a couple boxes: maybe use them as a healthy Easter alternative!


This is the box we got at the beginning of the month that I need to get price adjustment refund on.

Next, the price of their organic quinoa went up $4!  I’m really disappointed, but I guess I’ll just have to stock up when they go on sale (hopefully that will be before we run out completely).


I was looking through the pharmacy section today and found their organic chia seeds there!  If I remember correctly, there is only $1 difference in price with the non-organic chia seeds that they sell (same size bag)!


And lastly, these look like the organic equivalent of Brookside chocolates.  I’d LOVE to try them, but might need to wait for a sale first.




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