5 Reasons Why Spending my Budget at the Beginning of the Month was a Mistake.

Lesson learned.

We hadn’t spent our entire grocery budget right at the beginning of the month since before we had kids.  After experimenting this month, I’m reminded as to WHY we stopped doing that and that our decision to shop weekly is a better idea.  Here’s why:

1. Spending all at once, limits my savings.  By shopping weekly, I can search out the BEST prices for products that week.  I can find clearance meats, sales on organic produce, shop based on PC Plus points or Shoppers Optimum bonus points or redemption days.  That maximizes my savings.

2. Spending all at once, limits our meal creativity. When I shop bulk, we’re limited to a month’s worth of the same thing, which none of my family really likes.

3. Freezing my milk doesn’t save me anything.  I go to the grocery store weekly to pick up a few produce items that I don’t get in my Organic Box, so freezing my milk is a bit more of a hassle then it’s worth.  It’s not something I will do again.

4. I like getting out of the house.  And shopping.  And my blog is better.  My weekly grocery trips are a way to get me out of the house and the kids like it too.  PLUS I seem to have a ‘need’ to shop so doing it weekly helps to ‘fill’ that need.  Also, my blog is really boring when I have nothing to post weekly!

5. I spent more by shopping only once a month.  Our needs may differ from week to week and by spending everything all at once, I have nothing left for the “just in case” moments.

So next month I’ll be back to my weekly shopping!  Stay posted for my breakdown of April’s grocery budget!


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