More on Chicken: Prices of Organic, Free-From and “Regular”!

So the only place where I’ve been able to compare prices so far has been *surprise surprise* Superstore.  It was somewhat shocking to find that the prices between non-organic/free-from, free-from and organic whole chickens was not that significant!

The regular, whole, air-chilled chicken is $9.48/kg and comes out to roughly $15/chicken.


$9.48/kg $15.17/whole

The free-from whole chicken is $8.28/kg and came out to about $14.50/chicken!  That’s CHEAPER than regular whole chickens!


$8.28/kg $14.41/whole

The organic whole chickens came out to $9.90/kg and roughly less than $17/chicken.  This is only $0.42/kg more than regular chicken!


$9.90/kg $16.92/whole

So, if you buy chicken and shop at Superstore, you’re really not saving that much by buying regular chicken vs. organic and clearly you’re not saving at all if you buy regular chicken vs. free-from!


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