Our April Grocery Budget Breakdown

After a couple months of paying close attention to what we’re spending at the grocery and on what products, I’ve come up with a breakdown of our $350 grocery store budget.

Produce$130 ($110 to Organic Box and $20 to use at the grocery store).  Seems like a lot doesn’t it?  BUT if you look at what you’re spending on produce in a month, you’d probably come up with something similar.  In reality if you break it down, we are really only spending $32.50/week on organic produce for a family of four.  That’s decent.


Milk $36: Currently we’re buying Dairyland Organic Milk and that costs roughly $8.99 (not including deposit fees).  I’m able to bring that price down to at least $7.99 (this week I can bring it down to $6.99 since it’s on sale at Sobeys) when I use coupons, but the tear pads are expiring this week and I only have 2 printed coupons and 2 coupons from the Ingredients Magazine.  My kids drink about one 4L jug of milk every week so we budget roughly $36 for that (budget does not include coupon savings).


Dairy (cheese, yogurt, butter, etc) – $40:  We spend roughly $12 to get four blocks of butter and that lasts us the month.  Yogurt varies depending if the kids are on strike, but I usually buy them for 50% off and using a coupon.  Cheese is whatever is on sale that week or free with Shoppers Drug Mart points.  I’ll keep track of this spending as well.

Meats/Eggs – $100:  If I am honest, I haven’t paid that close attention to how much we spent in meat in the last few months, but I do not think it was a significant amount at all, so $100 is my absolutely MAX.  We basically buy ALL our free-from and organic meats for 30-50% off and freeze them.  I’ll keep close track this month and let you know our spendings.  We usually spend about $10 on eggs in a month.

Breads/Grains – $30:  Last month I bought 6 loaves of Silver Hills organic bread and they lasted all month: this is because no one (except me) really liked the bread!  This month we’re going to try Cobs bread.  While it’s not organic, it has no preservatives, is fresh and has a customer rewards program where we can earn free bread!

COBS-BREAD-padded(Photo source)

Other – $10:  This other category displeases Ryan somewhat because he likes chips, dips, Spitz, coke, etc, but we can use Shoppers Drug Mart or PC Points if he ‘absolutely needs’ his snacky foods.

So that’s kind of our rough breakdown of our grocery budget!  I’m ready to go back to spending weekly and have already planned out my grocery list for April 1!


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