When Things Get Tight, Do You Compromise?

I do.

While I absolutely believe eating organic/free-from foods are a better and healthier choice, I will not put our family in the poor house by doing this.  This month we have a lot of big expenses, and as we get closer to the birth of baby #3, there are a few additional expenses that will incur.  So this month, we’re compromising a little bit (but those are organic apples!).

This week’s Superstore shop included:


$1.15 after coupons, superbucks and a PC Points $20 redemption.



2 thoughts on “When Things Get Tight, Do You Compromise?

  1. Hi; I just came across your blog. I am a new mother, (6 months baby girl) I’m married and I have a step-son who is 7. I am on maternity leave and as the money has become tighter I am trying to find ways to save; especially when it comes to the grocery bill as we live a modest life and don’t spend a lot of money on extras as is. I noticed on many of your blog posts that you use free product coupons which makes your bill nearly $0. Where does one find these coupons?


    • Congrats on becoming a new mama! There are a few ways I have received free product coupons (FPC):

      1. Email companies praising them for their products and request coupons. Certain companies will send FPCs or high value coupons. Others just send regular coupons. IF it’s a product I use anyways, I will watch for sales and use the coupon during the sale (combining a sale with any other promotion like 15% off days or 20x the points, etc. helps to spread your savings). Check out these companies that have mailed me coupons.

      2. I “like” companies on FB and watch for promotions. Burnbrae Eggs has had great promotions and I’ve been able to quite a few free eggs from being online when their FPCs go live.

      3. Join coupon FB groups and follow coupon blogs. I also have a new baby (3 months) so I haven’t been able to do as much with my coupons lately, but I would collect coupons I don’t use and trade them on FB groups for coupons I do use. This is a great way to get free product coupons, but you do need to regularly invest your time in this.

      I hope that helps! If you have any more questions, please ask!

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