Stocking Up is Worth It

Lately I’ve put blogging on the back burner.  The weather has started to finally improve and we’ve been enjoying it as much as we can.  Not only are we busy enjoying the nice weather, but getting ready for baby who is due in 3 weeks!  Spring cleaning, baking and cooking, prepping bedrooms and finishing renos has kept up on our toes.

This month even though we originally wanted to try to stick with our $350 budget, we decided to add to it since we are preparing for Chloe’s third birthday party and a baby: we figured $550 should be enough.  A tip from a friend sent me to Costco this week to stock up on items that were on my long-term “buy when on sale” list.

We filled up our cart for under $200 and this will last awhile:

Angies Boom Chicka Pop Organic Popcorn x2: $5.99 – $2 sale = $7.98
Taste of Nature Organic Granola Bars: $17.99 – $3.60 sale = $14.39
Organic Coconut Sugar: $10.99 – $2.50 = $8.49
Nature’s Bakery GMO-Free Fig Bars (they raised the price) = $9.49
Coconut Oil x2: $19.99 – $4.50 sale = $30.98
SoGood Organic Coconut Milk (6 x 1L) =$10.99 – $2.50 = $8.49
Angies Tri-Coloured Popping Corn x2: $10.99 – $3.00 = $7.99
Organic Ketchup (2 x 1L): $7.99
Frozen organic Strawberries (1.5kg): $6.99
Organic chickens (2 pack): $28.71
Frozen organic peas: $7.99
Mary’s organic/gf crackers: $6.99
Cheerios (Cheerios Original is now non-GMO!): $6.99 – $2.00 = $4.99
Kraft Parmesan (*one of the only non-organic/non-GMO things we bought): $10.99 – $2.50 = $8.49
Coke (32 pack.  *I could not lift it onto the table.): $9.33



Here is the flyer for Western Costco shoppers.  For a price list of organic, GMO-free and natural foods you can find at Costco, click here.  I keep editing this list as prices and products change.



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