Saving on “Alternative” Food and Health

That was a weird title, but it kinda sums up what I’m about to post.

Last night I went to the post office to mail things.  I had just fed the baby so knowing that he wouldn’t need me back immediately, I wandered the aisles searching for coupons: I found so much more.


Organic peanut butter came out to $1.99 each!


Excellent price for rice milk!


I’m not a big fan of soy, but if you drink it, you can’t beat $0.99 for organic soy milk. The almond milk is on sale too!


Check the expiry dates before stocking up on clearout items!


If you use homeopathic products…


80% savings for the Tri-Vi-Sol. There are coupons out there for this product!


$1.99 for 2pk of organic baby soap! I bought two boxes, used a $2.50 coupon when you buy 2 products and got 4 bars of soap for $1.49!


Gluten-free animal crackers.

If any of these items are on your list, check out the Sherwood Park Mall Shoppers Drug Mart!  Don’t forget to bring your rewards card so you can earn points for future purchases!



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