Supporting Local Businesses – Introducing “Midnight Captive”

I believe that supporting local businesses is important for our society.  Supporting local farmers, local stores and in this specific case, a local author!  This local author also just happens to be my baby sister.  She’s been working on publishing her first book for a couple years now, so I’m thrilled to announce that her book “Midnight Captive” is finally available for purchase on,, and  You’re able to purchase it for Kindle or in paperback.


Here’s the synopsis:

“Phaedra is cursed to sleep until true love wakes her. Hermione has a dark secret.

When Prince Sheridan discovers the two princesses wandering the woods outside the castle at night, he begins to wonder if there is more to Phaedra’s curse than is readily apparent.

With the help of a minstrel out to prove a point, they must discover the secret before the princesses are trapped forever in the night.”

Please consider supporting a local author!


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