How I Drink My Coffee Now

As I learn more about refined sugar and how it’s all GMO-made, I’ve been looking for alternative sweeteners.  I’m still taking baby steps here and don’t know much about great alternatives and how to use them, but this is a start.

I bought this big bag of organic coconut palm sugar at Costco and it will last me a while.  The organic coconut milk was also from Costco and I had bought it on sale thinking I may have to go off dairy again with this baby: thankfully Charles is fine with my dairy consumption.  Since I have it though, I decided it tastes pretty darn good in my coffee.  Sometimes, when I have canned coconut milk, I will whip that up into a delicious whipped cream (flavored with a touch or honey or maple syrup) and put that in instead.  Mmm delicious.

Check out this neat website that searches top food blogs by specific ingredients.  I’m eager to try some that use coconut palm sugar.


In case you’re wondering, the thermos is also from Costco…


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