20x The Points at Shoppers Drug Mart


Today is 20x the points when you spend $50 or more at Shoppers Drug Mart.  Head on in to get butter for $2.99, eggs for $1.77, and perhaps pick up some clearance milk and yogurt too?  Coppertone Sunscreen is on sale for $7.99 and there is a $5 you can use (on select products).  20x the points is a great way to get items you need and accumulate points for free groceries in the future.  Check out their flyer for more deals before heading in!

A few tips:

1. Coupons count as a form of payment.  When the ad says spend $50 or more to get 20x the points that means your subtotal must reach $50, but not what you pay out of pocket.  I have had my subtotal get to $75, use coupons to get it to $10 and still get 20x the points on the original $75!  It’s great!

2. Make sure you plan out your trip before going.  Make sure you have a rough idea of what you will be spending out of pocket and when you arrive at the store, immediately purchase a Shoppers Drug Mart gift card with the total amount you plan to spend.  Buying a gift card and paying with it gets you extra regular points (not 20x the points though).

3. Check the clearance section!  I have found many great products clearing out, and it’s a great way to find products you may need or want!  (Like Essie nail polish for $0.99!)

4. Check out Mrs. January’s awesome manual on how to shop at Shoppers Drug Mart!

Happy shopping!




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