Urgent! Costco’s Coconut Chips

Recently I fell in love with these delicious organic coconut chips from Costco.  Yesterday when I was picking up my son’s baptism cake, I decided to also grab a few bags of these while I was there.  While checking out, the cashier told me that they are DISCONTINUING THESE items!  Hugely disappointed in this because this was my new favorite snack, so I had her scan in a couple more bags and I went back and grabbed more.  She told me that any product that has a snowflake in the top right corner of its price “tag” is being discontinued.  We are unsure if it was just for the Sherwood Park Costco, so check yours out before it’s too late!  Once the pallets are cleared, there will be no more!



2 thoughts on “Urgent! Costco’s Coconut Chips

  1. I had a bad feeling that was going to happen…so yummy and a healthy treat that cost a billion dollars for a tiny bag anywhere else 🙂

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