Annie’s Homegrown Products


Annie's homegrown logo has Annie’s Homegrown products on sale for at least 25% off.  I like these products because they use a lot of natural, organic and gluten-free products.  Their bunny crackers and fruit gummies are great alternatives to the conventional products that often contain ingredients I don’t recognize, along with high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavours/colours.

After reading Our Year Without Groceries, I’ve been really thinking how I could do something similar and avoid the grocery stores and this is a good way.  With FREE shipping with the purchase of $25 or more, I can easily stop up on good snacks that my kids love, without even leaving my house!

Sale ends August 3.


Some Organic and Whole Food Sales to Hit Up This Week!

The new sale cycles started today so you have lots of time to get what you need.  After quickly looking through the flyers, here are some great produce sales that we will be taking advantage of.

Tomorrow is 10% off customer appreciation day at Planet Organic.  Great time to score on these sales!


Sobeys has some whole and organic foods for a great price this week too.  Check out the butter bogo sale!


1.5kg of frozen organic strawberries are only $6.99 at Costco, but this is still a good deal.



Not organic, but $1.89/1 kg of oats is a great price.



$2.50 per block of butter!

At London Drugs they have the 6 pack San Pellegrino sparkling citrus drinks 3/$9.99!  This is a pretty good price!  Not as good as Costco but they offer three flavours as opposed to Costco’s one.  At this price, it’s “cheaper” than making your own.


I haven’t had time to look too closely at other sales, but these are the big ones that have caught my attention and made it to my grocery list!

5 Ways to Save Money When Buying Organic Foods

1. Search the flyers and make a list.  Look at your weekly flyers and what you have left at home in order to come up with a grocery list of what you need.

2. Buy sale or clearance items.  Nothing wrong with buying clearance organic produce and freezing them or baking them right away.  I do the same with yogurt, milk and meat.  Clearance items are where I get my best deals and honestly, when organic meats are on clearance YOU STOCK UP!  Knowing the regular and sale prices will help you make informed frugal purchases.


3. Meal plan.  I meal plan based on what organic products are on sale for the week.  For example, if organic apples, organic chicken, organic milk and organic berries are on sale this coming week, I will figure meal plan incorporating those ingredients.  There are TONS of things I can do with these ingredients to stretch them out into fun, delicious meals and snacks.  I’ve been able to stretch my chickens into three meals, which I thought was pretty good.  Here’s a great post on making one whole chicken last SIX meals!

4. Use rewards and reward days.   I generally buy my organic products at Superstore or Costco.  Occasionally when there is a great sale or a specific product I need (that isn’t sold at Superstore or Costco), I’ll head over to Safeway or Save on Foods.  I use my PC Mastercard, Superbucks and PC points to help me collect rewards.  I buy my gasoline at Superstore because I get rewarded the Superbucks for it.  Save on Foods has a great points system too.  Costco is great for bulk purchases especially when they have their organic and natural foods sales.

5. Use coupons.  Because we are now buying more whole/organic foods and less processed stuff, I have a lot less food coupons.  Instead now, I’m really trying – and it’s tough! – to buy other things like toilet paper, cleaning products, etc using coupons.  Any other items we buy, we try to get them on clearance.

What are some ways you save when buying whole or organic foods?

Could You Live Without Your Grocery Store?

I’m truly inspired by the post Our Year Without Groceries.  While I realize that they do live in the US and are farmers (possibly making it a little bit simpler), their determination to go an entire year without stepping into a grocery store blows me away and makes me wish I could do the same.  Is it even possible in Alberta, Canada?  Why not?!


I was honestly shocked that society has lasted so long without the convinience of grocery stores.  For a while, I’ve been thinking about this article and meme have concluded that it is entirely possible to shop outside of grocery stores.  For those of us non-farmers, we can buy our meats, eggs, grains, dairy and produce through farmer’s markets, things like Heritage Chickens, The Organic Box, and Locavoria, and buying co-ops! And if we we are able to, some of us can even grow our own produce and some people are lucky enough to own chickens, goats, etc in their backyard (not in Alberta unfortunately)!

Is it the most frugal way?  Maybe not, but then again, maybe it is.  Consider the amount of impulse shopping that many of us do while roaming the aisles.  I’m guilty of it, especially in the toys and clothing department.  And perhaps, in the long run it will save us money in health care.  It also keeps us buying whole foods and supports the local economy.  Growing your own food also saves you money!

Perhaps it’s an idealistic way to look at things and I believe that there are some things that “must” be bought at a grocery store to accommodate budgets and convenience.  (Like it says in the blog post, even Laura Ingalls’ family went to the “grocery” store 1-2 times/year, but that was it).  Once I get a handle on buying mostly whole and organic foods, I’d really like to see if I could implement something similar to “Our Year without Groceries”, but maybe start with something shorter like one month.


Four Ways We’re Being Frugal This Summer

1. Walking!  We are lucky that we are quite close to grocery stores, friends and parks so that when we do venture out we can just walk!

2. Drying our clothes outside!  I absolutely love seeing our clothing blowing in the wind and smelling the “sun” scent on them.  My husband has promised me a REAL clothes line so that I don’t have to worry about my small drying rack falling over when it’s windy.


3. BBQ-ing!  This not only keeps the temperature in our house cool, but is WAY cheaper that turning on our oven.  We BBQ-ing a lot of things: pita pizza, ham and grilled pineapple, ribs, skewers and so much more.


4. Gardening!  This year we FINALLY have room to have a garden.  I’m excited to see what our first crop will yield and how long we can make it last.  We will also be getting apples and raspberries from our neighbours and friends!


What Does Yogurt Kefir, Black Bean Spaghetti and Couscous Have in Common?

Nothing really, except that they can now all be found at Costco along with dark chocolate almond butter!

Currently I’m off dairy (I’ll write about THAT later), but I had to pick up this organic yogurt kefir for my kids.  A pack of three 454ml for only $9.99 is a fantastic price and we’re just about out of yogurt.  They better like it.  My friend told me that I can make myself organic coconut milk kefir yogurt and I’m excited to try!

photo(9)Coucous used to be a favorite with my daughter and I’m hoping that I can make it tastey enough that my son will like it too!  You can get a 1.5kg bag for $7.99.


Black bean spaghetti is just cool, but since we’re fully stocked up on ‘pasta’ I had to pass on this one for now.  Has anyone tried it?  You can get a box of 907g for $9.99.


And my hand was shaking SO much from excitement that I did not get a good picture of the dark chocolate almond butter, but it’s $10.99 for 795g.

Gluten-Free Coupons!

I found this envelope in my mailbox this morning:


I assume they are affiliated with one of the coupon sites I’ve used because I do not remember ordering them.  Inside was this letter:


They included the following coupons:

– $2 off any Marc Angelo product
– $1 off when you buy 1 unit of Rice Crisps, SuperSlim, Crinkles, or Town Square- $3 off any Judy G gluten-free pizza
– $1 off any one box (120g) of Blue Diamond Nut-Thins
– $1 off one container of gluten-free Tribe Hummus (any flavour)
– $1 off any one box of Enjoy Life Soft Baked Cookies, Crunchy Cookies, Chewy Bars & Decadent Bars
– $1 off any one Rudi’s gluten-free sandwich bread
– $1 off any on Rudi’s gluten-free tortillas
$1 off any U-Be-Livin-Smart Best of All Nutrient Dense Muffins
– $0.50 off 1 Clif Mojo Bar
– $3 off U-Be-Livin-Smart Best of All Nutrient Dense Vitamins

Head on over to to sign up for their coupons to be mailed directly to you!