Four Ways We’re Being Frugal This Summer

1. Walking!  We are lucky that we are quite close to grocery stores, friends and parks so that when we do venture out we can just walk!

2. Drying our clothes outside!  I absolutely love seeing our clothing blowing in the wind and smelling the “sun” scent on them.  My husband has promised me a REAL clothes line so that I don’t have to worry about my small drying rack falling over when it’s windy.


3. BBQ-ing!  This not only keeps the temperature in our house cool, but is WAY cheaper that turning on our oven.  We BBQ-ing a lot of things: pita pizza, ham and grilled pineapple, ribs, skewers and so much more.


4. Gardening!  This year we FINALLY have room to have a garden.  I’m excited to see what our first crop will yield and how long we can make it last.  We will also be getting apples and raspberries from our neighbours and friends!



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