What Does Yogurt Kefir, Black Bean Spaghetti and Couscous Have in Common?

Nothing really, except that they can now all be found at Costco along with dark chocolate almond butter!

Currently I’m off dairy (I’ll write about THAT later), but I had to pick up this organic yogurt kefir for my kids.  A pack of three 454ml for only $9.99 is a fantastic price and we’re just about out of yogurt.  They better like it.  My friend told me that I can make myself organic coconut milk kefir yogurt and I’m excited to try!

photo(9)Coucous used to be a favorite with my daughter and I’m hoping that I can make it tastey enough that my son will like it too!  You can get a 1.5kg bag for $7.99.


Black bean spaghetti is just cool, but since we’re fully stocked up on ‘pasta’ I had to pass on this one for now.  Has anyone tried it?  You can get a box of 907g for $9.99.


And my hand was shaking SO much from excitement that I did not get a good picture of the dark chocolate almond butter, but it’s $10.99 for 795g.


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