Could You Live Without Your Grocery Store?

I’m truly inspired by the post Our Year Without Groceries.  While I realize that they do live in the US and are farmers (possibly making it a little bit simpler), their determination to go an entire year without stepping into a grocery store blows me away and makes me wish I could do the same.  Is it even possible in Alberta, Canada?  Why not?!


I was honestly shocked that society has lasted so long without the convinience of grocery stores.  For a while, I’ve been thinking about this article and meme have concluded that it is entirely possible to shop outside of grocery stores.  For those of us non-farmers, we can buy our meats, eggs, grains, dairy and produce through farmer’s markets, things like Heritage Chickens, The Organic Box, and Locavoria, and buying co-ops! And if we we are able to, some of us can even grow our own produce and some people are lucky enough to own chickens, goats, etc in their backyard (not in Alberta unfortunately)!

Is it the most frugal way?  Maybe not, but then again, maybe it is.  Consider the amount of impulse shopping that many of us do while roaming the aisles.  I’m guilty of it, especially in the toys and clothing department.  And perhaps, in the long run it will save us money in health care.  It also keeps us buying whole foods and supports the local economy.  Growing your own food also saves you money!

Perhaps it’s an idealistic way to look at things and I believe that there are some things that “must” be bought at a grocery store to accommodate budgets and convenience.  (Like it says in the blog post, even Laura Ingalls’ family went to the “grocery” store 1-2 times/year, but that was it).  Once I get a handle on buying mostly whole and organic foods, I’d really like to see if I could implement something similar to “Our Year without Groceries”, but maybe start with something shorter like one month.



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