5 Ways to Save Money When Buying Organic Foods

1. Search the flyers and make a list.  Look at your weekly flyers and what you have left at home in order to come up with a grocery list of what you need.

2. Buy sale or clearance items.  Nothing wrong with buying clearance organic produce and freezing them or baking them right away.  I do the same with yogurt, milk and meat.  Clearance items are where I get my best deals and honestly, when organic meats are on clearance YOU STOCK UP!  Knowing the regular and sale prices will help you make informed frugal purchases.


3. Meal plan.  I meal plan based on what organic products are on sale for the week.  For example, if organic apples, organic chicken, organic milk and organic berries are on sale this coming week, I will figure meal plan incorporating those ingredients.  There are TONS of things I can do with these ingredients to stretch them out into fun, delicious meals and snacks.  I’ve been able to stretch my chickens into three meals, which I thought was pretty good.  Here’s a great post on making one whole chicken last SIX meals!

4. Use rewards and reward days.   I generally buy my organic products at Superstore or Costco.  Occasionally when there is a great sale or a specific product I need (that isn’t sold at Superstore or Costco), I’ll head over to Safeway or Save on Foods.  I use my PC Mastercard, Superbucks and PC points to help me collect rewards.  I buy my gasoline at Superstore because I get rewarded the Superbucks for it.  Save on Foods has a great points system too.  Costco is great for bulk purchases especially when they have their organic and natural foods sales.

5. Use coupons.  Because we are now buying more whole/organic foods and less processed stuff, I have a lot less food coupons.  Instead now, I’m really trying – and it’s tough! – to buy other things like toilet paper, cleaning products, etc using coupons.  Any other items we buy, we try to get them on clearance.

What are some ways you save when buying whole or organic foods?


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