Some Organic and Whole Food Sales to Hit Up This Week!

The new sale cycles started today so you have lots of time to get what you need.  After quickly looking through the flyers, here are some great produce sales that we will be taking advantage of.

Tomorrow is 10% off customer appreciation day at Planet Organic.  Great time to score on these sales!


Sobeys has some whole and organic foods for a great price this week too.  Check out the butter bogo sale!


1.5kg of frozen organic strawberries are only $6.99 at Costco, but this is still a good deal.



Not organic, but $1.89/1 kg of oats is a great price.



$2.50 per block of butter!

At London Drugs they have the 6 pack San Pellegrino sparkling citrus drinks 3/$9.99!  This is a pretty good price!  Not as good as Costco but they offer three flavours as opposed to Costco’s one.  At this price, it’s “cheaper” than making your own.


I haven’t had time to look too closely at other sales, but these are the big ones that have caught my attention and made it to my grocery list!


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