Now’s The Time to Buy Clearance Kids Clothes

At Superstore all of the baby/toddler/kids summer clothing is on clearance so it’s a great time to stock up for next year, especially because they have their $10 off coupon in stores right now!

photo(42)I always buy my kids a size bigger than the age they will be next season.  For example: Chloe will be 4 next summer so I am buying her size 5 clearance items.  It’s a bit tricky to plan for the next year when you have a baby under 1 because you haven’t really seen their growth pattern yet, but with prices like these and by buying a size bigger than their age, you should come in pretty close. 

Take a look at these clearance prices (Sherwood Park location)!

So You Know That Peanut Butter I Love…

I went to Costco tonight to grab food for my son’s 2 year old birthday party this weekend, coconut milk for my coffee and good ol’ peanut butter!  I wanted my Golden Boy, and was so excited to see it on sale until I saw that tiny star in the top right corner.  That star means that they are clearing this product out!  I’m really disappointed that I just found this delicious, whole foods peanut butter with NO junk in it, and now my Costco won’t have it once these pallets are gone. 

Let me know if your Costco is clearing this out! 


Safeway Deals Including Organic Milk for 40% Off!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “Organic foods are not always more expensive than non-organic!”  My son and I stopped by Safeway this morning and found these sweet deals!

Look. At. This.  Organic 4L of milk for only $0.20 more than non-organic milk!  This was a no brainer.


And yogurt, anyone?  We didn’t need any, so I didn’t pick any up, but with 50% off this would have been $2.69.  With my coupon from a Facebook promotion, I could have bought organic yogurt for $1.69!  (Part of being frugal though is not buying what you don’t need or won’t use up before it goes bad).


And lastly, I like these unscented wipes because Charles has very sensitive skin and so far only these and the Kirkland ones do not cause any skin irritation on his poor baby bum.  I picked up a box while they are on sale for 50% off.

photo(40)These deals were all found at the Sherwood Park Mall Safeway.  Sales may vary at each Safeway location.


Organic Milk and Organic Beef for $0.94!

Milk and beef were on our small grocery list this week.  I was THRILLED when I found Avalon Organic Milk 2L for 50% off at Superstore.  My pleasure escalated when I found that Superstore now carries organic ground beef!


$0.94 after Superbucks

I went in hoping not to spend any money at all, but to simply use my Superbucks, but I was $0.94 short, so I forked over a dollar, BUT I earned back 1000 PC Plus points with my beef purchase so in reality, it was like I got these organic items free!  If you don’t count the PC Points I earned, my savings today were just about 90%!  




Backyard Chickens!

On Monday, August 18th, Edmonton city councillors voted to let up to a dozen homeowners keep hens starting this fall as part of a pilot project to work out rules for keeping chickens responsibly.  This is AMAZING!  Even Mayor Don Iveson agreed that Edmonton is “behind the times on this, and for all of those guerrilla chicken operations out there, we want to provide a pathway for them to come into compliance with reasonable rules.”  

chickens(Photo source)

The Edmonton Journal says: “City administrators said they would allow chicken owners to have between four and 10 hens for the pilot project. They will come up with a set of rules first and then let Edmontonians apply to take part. Staff will take the lessons they learn and bring them back to council in a year.”

This is an exciting step and I hope Sherwood Park follows soon.  Despite the fact that I’m scared of birds (including scary, pecking, scratching chickens), I would LOVE to have fresh eggs on a daily basis.

Check out CBC and the Edmonton Journal’s articles. 

When Maternity Leave Pay is Gone

I remember being terrified at the thought of what would happen when my maternity leave with Chloe ran out.  Our “plan” had been to have a baby, go back to work and earn enough hours for another maternity leave, have a baby, etc.  It didn’t work that way.  By the time I went back to work after Chloe, I was already half way through my pregnancy with Ben.  I knew that when he was born, I’d be done working and earning an income for a while.  Here are some tips and tricks we used to work with a one-income budget.

1. Start living like you already have one-income. I honestly wish someone would have told me that before I had Chloe.  Cutting your income in half after years of relying on it can be a shock to the current way you are living, so start preparing now!  Put your maternity leave pay into a savings account and start budgeting NOW for how you will live when you really are down only one income.


2. Learn to live simply.  You likely won’t be able to do all the things you did (or at least to the same extent) as you used to.  For us I had to cut out the regularly clothing splurge trips (which in hindsight was just a ridiculous waste of money), I went to the salon less frequently, and we learned to have frugal dates.  Budgeting and staying within that budget became a serious thing especially since we were now providing for our little ones.

3. Say no.  You don’t need to keep up with the Jones (or whoever that family is that everyone seems to envy).  I remember thinking that I needed to have this or that to be happy while at home, but we simply couldn’t (and can’t) afford certain luxuries.  When I’m tempted to splurge on something we don’t need and haven’t budgeted for, I need to say no (which is hard if it’s something I want and it’s on sale).  We’ve learned to be content with these growing years where our furniture is not the nicest (second hand and currently stained with purple nail polish), our bedding doesn’t always match and the walls in our house are a hideous yellow.


I don’t even care that there is nail polish on it because it cost $50.

4. DIY.  Yup.  Do it yourself.  I’ve learned how to make blankets, we wash our own rugs, plant our own produce and hang our laundry to dry.  We are teaching ourselves frugal do it yourself ways so to help us live within our one-income budget.



What are some of your tips?

Save 15% off Non-GMO Products!

I made my first order from a couple months ago when I ordered my kids and husband their new vitamins.


Vitacost offers these for $19.88, and with the sale they are only $16.90. Regular retail price is $29.15.

The Garden of Life brand was recommended to me by a friend and after some research, I decided to purchase them for these reasons:

  1. They are made from non-GMO fruits and vegetables.
  2. They were made in North America.
  3. The price was quite reasonable and it was shipped to my house.

Right now they have a 15% off non-GMO products!  Simply use promo code: NGM15 when checking out.

Create an account and save an extra 10% (I’m not sure if you can combine that extra 10% with the sale 15%, but it’s worth a try!).

Generally it’s $9.99 standard shipping for any amount of order, but looks like they also have a promo for free shipping on orders over $49!  This is a good time for me to order more of my kids vitamins.  Please use my personal referral code so we can both save!

Talk to Me About Cast Iron and Glass

Ok, so I’m in the process of getting rid of our plastic tupperware in exchange for glass.  What do you use?  What’s a good price?  I saw these in the London Drugs flyer and was wondering if the price was a steal and if I should pick some up.  I like that they are different sizes, have air and water tight lids, and can be used in the over.  Thoughts?  Do you have a favourite brand?

photo(12)What about cast iron?  At Christmas we got rid of all our Teflon pots and pans for stainless steel.  I’ve slowly been learning about the benefits of cooking with cast iron, but not really sure where to start.  What are good cast iron pots/pans to have?  Is this a good price?

photo(10)Talk to me!  Give me your tips, tricks and suggestions please.


You Need to Try This Peanut Butter

I ran out of organic peanut butter last week.  Peanut butter is a staple in our home since we basically eat it every day and it’s a quick, easy and delicious protein to get into my kids.  I found this peanut butter at Costco and I can honestly say I think it’s better than Skippy or Kraft! 


The natural and whole ingredients make it taste fantastic!  Try it.  Seriously.  It comes in a two pack (750g each) and was between $6-$8 (I can’t remember off hand).  

Coconut Milk Sale

I’ve been waiting for this organic coconut milk sale at Save on Foods.  Last night I picked up a few cans to keep me stocked up until the sale comes around again.


$2.49 regular price or 2/$4 sale price.

Right now, buying organic coconut milk is CHEAPER than buying non-organic.  Even without the sale, organic and non-organic coconut milk are the SAME price at Save on Foods.  It’s a no brainer which to buy.


$2.49 regular price

Sale is good until closing Thursday night.