Talk to Me About Cast Iron and Glass

Ok, so I’m in the process of getting rid of our plastic tupperware in exchange for glass.  What do you use?  What’s a good price?  I saw these in the London Drugs flyer and was wondering if the price was a steal and if I should pick some up.  I like that they are different sizes, have air and water tight lids, and can be used in the over.  Thoughts?  Do you have a favourite brand?

photo(12)What about cast iron?  At Christmas we got rid of all our Teflon pots and pans for stainless steel.  I’ve slowly been learning about the benefits of cooking with cast iron, but not really sure where to start.  What are good cast iron pots/pans to have?  Is this a good price?

photo(10)Talk to me!  Give me your tips, tricks and suggestions please.



6 thoughts on “Talk to Me About Cast Iron and Glass

  1. I am in the same boat as you Amanda. We recently bought cast iron skillets and I love them! They require more care but are great. There is one from Ikea for $39 and I got one off of Amazon from Lodge. Apparently when it comes to cast iron Lodge is the way to go. All made in the US and lifetime warranty. I also have had a dutch oven for a long time that I love to use throughout the winter for everything. It’s enamelled and easy to clean. It’s heavy but makes great stews, chicken, baked beans, anything! Also, I just ordered snack and lunch containers for the girls made of stainless steel. Lunchbots, check them out. I am really excited to get them. They are coming this week from

  2. We did both a few years back, and although we’re still cast iron fans, we found the glass didn’t work, and went back to BPA-free plastic storage containers (we use the Sistema ones which are made right here in New Zealand, but there are lots of BPA free brands now).

    Cast iron is *awesome*. I would NEVER go back to nonstick, and am now considering a large cast iron grill, as my George Foreman is getting a bit trashed. I just clean the cast iron with a mix of olive oil and sea salt, heat it to dry it thoroughly after every use, and it’s good to go. Before we switched to cast iron, we were going through a new nonstick pan pretty much once a year, as we’d throw them at the first sign of wear.

    For the cast iron, definitely invest in or buy some of those little padded sleeves you can get for the handles – they’re awesome. Here’s a link to what I mean, although you can get them in cooler patterns than just black:

    The glass containers didn’t work for us. We have a slide out pantry type, and it wouldn’t slide out because of the weight of the containers. Then I smashed a couple lifting them out, and my daughter smashed one too. It just got so worrying with the thought of breakages, plus the weight, that we sold the glass we’d invested in, and went back to plastic, but this time BPA free.

    We were also concerned about the glass as New Zealand is earthquake prone, and I was worried about what might happen in the event of a quake, especially after the recent Christchurch ones and all the glass-related injuries in homes there 😦

    However, we don’t heat plastic containers, and do have some pyrex type containers that we use for reheating for leftovers etc in the oven. The kids also have metal drink bottles instead of plastic, although they do have plastic lunch boxes. So we’re a mix.

    In the end, do what works for you. But I can definitely give a big thumbs up to the cast iron!

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