Save 15% off Non-GMO Products!

I made my first order from a couple months ago when I ordered my kids and husband their new vitamins.


Vitacost offers these for $19.88, and with the sale they are only $16.90. Regular retail price is $29.15.

The Garden of Life brand was recommended to me by a friend and after some research, I decided to purchase them for these reasons:

  1. They are made from non-GMO fruits and vegetables.
  2. They were made in North America.
  3. The price was quite reasonable and it was shipped to my house.

Right now they have a 15% off non-GMO products!  Simply use promo code: NGM15 when checking out.

Create an account and save an extra 10% (I’m not sure if you can combine that extra 10% with the sale 15%, but it’s worth a try!).

Generally it’s $9.99 standard shipping for any amount of order, but looks like they also have a promo for free shipping on orders over $49!  This is a good time for me to order more of my kids vitamins.  Please use my personal referral code so we can both save!


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