Backyard Chickens!

On Monday, August 18th, Edmonton city councillors voted to let up to a dozen homeowners keep hens starting this fall as part of a pilot project to work out rules for keeping chickens responsibly.  This is AMAZING!  Even Mayor Don Iveson agreed that Edmonton is “behind the times on this, and for all of those guerrilla chicken operations out there, we want to provide a pathway for them to come into compliance with reasonable rules.”  

chickens(Photo source)

The Edmonton Journal says: “City administrators said they would allow chicken owners to have between four and 10 hens for the pilot project. They will come up with a set of rules first and then let Edmontonians apply to take part. Staff will take the lessons they learn and bring them back to council in a year.”

This is an exciting step and I hope Sherwood Park follows soon.  Despite the fact that I’m scared of birds (including scary, pecking, scratching chickens), I would LOVE to have fresh eggs on a daily basis.

Check out CBC and the Edmonton Journal’s articles. 


3 thoughts on “Backyard Chickens!

  1. Huh? So you weren’t allowed to keep chickens in your own backyard? Who was going to come around and stop you – the chicken police????!!!

    Maybe things are different here (in New Zealand) but if people want to keep animals in their front yard, back yard or whatever, there are no rules to prevent them. Except roosters in city limits, because of the noise.

    But last year I lent a sheep to a friend of mine who lives in the suburbs, so he didn’t have to mow his very steep garden (the sheep did a great job), and I have another set of friends who live inner city and keep pigs.

    I can’t believe a person wouldn’t be allowed to keep chickens. CHICKENS! I mean, what harm could chickens do anyone?

    That’s crazy.

    • Nope, not legally allowed. Crazy isn’t it? Edmonton is just starting this pilot project so I’m hoping that those selected to take part in it will act responsibly so as to not ruin it for the rest of us. Hopefully Sherwood Park will follow in Edmonton’s footsteps.

      • Good luck with it! Chickens are awesome. I’ve had chooks for about five years now, and don’t regret it one bit – the eggs are terrific. Just don’t get conned into believing that free ranging chickens around your garden is a great idea – they will destroy *everything*!

        We put ours into a lightweight, moveable “tractor” in summer for the purpose of keeping the grass down and such, but apart from that, they stay in the coop now, after us losing the raspberry patch, the strawberry patch and the root systems of several well established trees.

        Keep us all up to date with how it goes!

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