Safeway Deals Including Organic Milk for 40% Off!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “Organic foods are not always more expensive than non-organic!”  My son and I stopped by Safeway this morning and found these sweet deals!

Look. At. This.  Organic 4L of milk for only $0.20 more than non-organic milk!  This was a no brainer.


And yogurt, anyone?  We didn’t need any, so I didn’t pick any up, but with 50% off this would have been $2.69.  With my coupon from a Facebook promotion, I could have bought organic yogurt for $1.69!  (Part of being frugal though is not buying what you don’t need or won’t use up before it goes bad).


And lastly, I like these unscented wipes because Charles has very sensitive skin and so far only these and the Kirkland ones do not cause any skin irritation on his poor baby bum.  I picked up a box while they are on sale for 50% off.

photo(40)These deals were all found at the Sherwood Park Mall Safeway.  Sales may vary at each Safeway location.



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