An Almost Completely Organic Dinner for UNDER $5!

I made pasta, meat sauce and salad tonight for supper and EVERYTHING but the pasta was organic (ok, the tomatoes were from my garden). The best part of this is it only cost me $4.20 to feed 3 adults, 2 toddlers and have enough leftovers for two adults!  The secret?  Frugal and strategic shopping!  I used sales, Superbucks, 50% off clearance stickers, and garden produce!

Pasta: Free

Meat sauce: $2.40

Organic ground beef (used a Superbucks worth $5.52): $0.21

Organic tomato sauce: $0.75
Organic ketchup (Ya. I have that.  I used a squirt, so that’s probably a few pennies).
Organic onion: $0.44
Organic mushrooms: $1



100% organic!

Salad: $1.73

Organic spring mix (I split it into thirds): $1.23
Organic mushrooms: $0.50
Organic pepper (a friend gave a few to me before she left on holidays and I froze it): FREE

Organic dill (the package I used was $2.50.  The amount I used was probably worth a few pennies).
Garden tomatoes: FREE


100% organic!


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