Larabar Sale at Costco!

I’ve never seen Larabars on sale anywhere, so when I saw it at Costco I bought a couple boxes!  This variety pack of 18 comes with the cashew, coconut and chocolate chip flavours!

*Sale seen at Sherwood Park Costco.*


Regular $16.99 and on sale for $13.49!


Best Mitts, Best Store, Best Price!

I wait every year for these mitts to come out at the Dollarama.  They are great for cool fall weather and fit little toddler hands perfectly!  They are only $1.50 for two pairs, which is great!  I usually buy my kids a few pairs each as they inevitably will get lost before we move into winter mittens.


My Organic Shopping Trip Earned Over $60 Back in Points

I hit up Superstore at 8:30 this morning with all three of my kids.  That in itself was AMAZING!  But after going through the check out with all the organic/whole foods that were on my grocery list – and carefully placing them in my cart so everything would fit – I was thrilled!  Going in this morning, my goal was to optimize my spending to get as many PC Points as possible.  Not everything I bought was organic or whole foods.  I picked up diapers, pie filling, cheese and some baby shower items for my sister-in-law’s party to help me get to the $250 total and earn 25,000 points.  But here is what I got for my family that was organic/whole.

This cost me: $143.22.  Please note that there is a cast iron skillet, glass containers, and vitamins.  I’m super thrilled with these glass containers by the way because as you know we’re switching to all glass for our food storage and these for 50% off!



At the end of my trip I earned 60,000 points, spent $250 and didn’t even end up using my Superbucks!  Now I have a total of $85 worth in PC Plus points and a bunch of Superbucks to use for my next organic/whole foods shopping trip!

I Can Afford Organic Butter and Organic Eggs With This Deal

I can never buy organic eggs or butter because I can’t usually afford it, but this week, I CAN!  Here’s how:

1. My husband and I both need to fill up with gasoline, so we will both fill up at Superstore using my PC Mastercard and get Superbucks.  I’ll use all my Superbucks towards my organic purchases.


2. This is my FAVORITE PC Plus rewards and I’m going to use it to my full advantage.  If I buy 6 dozen organic eggs, that’s $30.  If I buy 7 blocks of 1/2 lb of organic butter,  that’s over $30.  Boxes of Larabars are in my store right now for $16 and my kids LOVE these whole food snacks.  Buying two boxes is over $30.  I feel like I can justify stocking up on more expensive organic/whole foods during this offer because I am getting rewarded points to spend on future organic purchases.


This offer ONLY applies to items found in the Natural Health Food aisle of your Superstore.

3. This week Superstore is also offering 25,000 points when you spend $250 on groceries!  This deal, combined with the Natural Food deal, is a GREAT time to stock up on all your natural and organic food needs!


*Make sure your TOTAL after using points, Superbucks or coupons is above $250 and $30 in natural health, otherwise you will not get your rewards!*

Cast Iron Question for All of You!

I was up eight times last night between my three kids, so today I don’t have much more to give after cleaning, cooking and folding laundry.  Today I want to ask you your thoughts on these Cuisinart Cast Iron cookware!  I’m thinking the price is good, but should I be concerned about the fact that they are coloured?


Ben’s Favorite (Healthy) Snacks are on SALE!

Ben is a picky eater, which is not terribly unusual for a two year old boy, so when we discovered that he loved these snacks at Costco long ago, I’ve been picking them up almost every trip!  These dairy-free, GMO-free snacks are wonderfully priced on any given day, but to get them on sale made me feel like I hit the jackpot!


These are regularly $9.29 for 48 fig bars (which is GREAT) but are currently on sale for $6.99!  I hope your kids like them just as much as mine do!