Cast Iron Question for All of You!

I was up eight times last night between my three kids, so today I don’t have much more to give after cleaning, cooking and folding laundry.  Today I want to ask you your thoughts on these Cuisinart Cast Iron cookware!  I’m thinking the price is good, but should I be concerned about the fact that they are coloured?



2 thoughts on “Cast Iron Question for All of You!

  1. Not sure. I think that is a great deal & no different than the Le Creuset line of enamelled cast iron. I have a few black cast iron pans and plan on sticking with just plain cast iron as it is super durable. My pans are from WalMart and were pretty cheap.

  2. I reckon they look good to me. I’d just be wary about what you actually need. I find that I use my two smaller skillets and larger skillet *all* *the* *time*. But I wouldn’t buy a range of cast iron casseroles because I wouldn’t use them. Base what you buy on what you cook.

    The colour is baked into the enamel, if they’re like every other cast iron set I’ve seen (including the outrageously overpriced Creuset range). I’d check the handles are all ovenproof – some aren’t, and you can’t put them in the oven, which sort of defeats the purpose to my way of thinking.

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