I Can Afford Organic Butter and Organic Eggs With This Deal

I can never buy organic eggs or butter because I can’t usually afford it, but this week, I CAN!  Here’s how:

1. My husband and I both need to fill up with gasoline, so we will both fill up at Superstore using my PC Mastercard and get Superbucks.  I’ll use all my Superbucks towards my organic purchases.


2. This is my FAVORITE PC Plus rewards and I’m going to use it to my full advantage.  If I buy 6 dozen organic eggs, that’s $30.  If I buy 7 blocks of 1/2 lb of organic butter,  that’s over $30.  Boxes of Larabars are in my store right now for $16 and my kids LOVE these whole food snacks.  Buying two boxes is over $30.  I feel like I can justify stocking up on more expensive organic/whole foods during this offer because I am getting rewarded points to spend on future organic purchases.


This offer ONLY applies to items found in the Natural Health Food aisle of your Superstore.

3. This week Superstore is also offering 25,000 points when you spend $250 on groceries!  This deal, combined with the Natural Food deal, is a GREAT time to stock up on all your natural and organic food needs!


*Make sure your TOTAL after using points, Superbucks or coupons is above $250 and $30 in natural health, otherwise you will not get your rewards!*


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