The Organic Box or

Last winter we were signed up to The Organic Box and LOVED it!  Having fresh produce delivered regularly to my door during the winter was amazing.  I loved not having to pack up two toddlers and slowly, painfully walk my pregnant self through the grocery store all the while listening to kids fight or yell at me for bakery cookies.  I loved that I only bought what we needed online and there was no impulse buying (you know – those chocolate bars at the checkout).

This winter, we are going to try out instead of The Organic Box, here’s why:

1. I still want groceries delivered to me during the winter and I like that these groceries are organic, fair-trade and/or natural products.

2. I’ve already heard great things about  One thing, there produce is way better than The Organic Box.

3. They seem to offer more groceries than The Organic Box.

4. They have a points reward system where you can redeem for FREE groceries.  I always say, when shopping you should reward yourself!

5. My first order saved me $25!  I only needed to spend $50 to save that amount, so I looked through many items, compared prices with in-store organic products and added them to my cart.

6. Right now, if you refer a friend, you can get $40 off an order!  So please, if you sign up, use my referral link!  This promo is good until November 15, 2014.


So definitely check it out!  I’ll keep you posted with how I like it and how it compares to The Organic Box.


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