I’m Getting Addicted to Home Delivery Service!

Let’s talk about home delivery service.  I’m addicted.  It’s become so appealing after reading about no groceries for a year, and I’ve been wondering how I could achieve this in my life.  While I love shopping, I hate taking my kids with me especially in the winter.  From the time I tell the kids to start getting ready to go shopping, it can take up to 4 hours to get a simple grocery trip done.  There’s the putting on the many layers of winters clothing, starting the car and letting it warm up for 10 minutes, making sure those who are potty trained have peed and those who are in diapers are not poopy.


Ugh, and that car seat!

There’s the loading and buckling kids, making sure I have a coin for the cart, mentally preparing for the screaming fits if they don’t get a bakery cookie, the sibling fights because “his leg is in the same leg hole as mine and we’re TOUCHING!”.  It’s the germ infected carts where I swear we caught all our flu bugs last year.  The minimum half hour of walking around the store, baby crying, people commenting about how close my kids are in age and how busy I must be, blah blah blah.  It’s the grocery tetris game, paying for grocery bags because I ALWAYS forget mine at home (seriously, if I buy 10 bags every time I go to the store, and if I go weekly, that’s $26 in grocery bags in a year). Loading the groceries back into the cart, then into the car, then loading the kids, returning the cart, driving home, unloading the groceries, unloading the kids and putting away the groceries.  Yes, when all is said and done, it is often 4 hours later and my day is shot.

Home grocery delivery service ROCKS MY WORLD!  Lately, I’ve been trying Spud.ca and I’m super pleased so far.  I’ve had milk and produce delivered to my house these last two weeks and it’s been AMAZING!  Here’s the home delivery process: I sit down at my computer and log in to my Spud account.  I look through all the produce sale items and pick what I want (I meal plan based on sale items); shopping the sales maximizes the amount of food I get.  If I’m low on milk, eggs or butter, then I order enough to last a week.  How much time does this take?  About 30 minutes from start to finish.  How much does this cost?  Well, for my family needs, it’s between $50-$70/week. That is a fantastic price for organic food delivered to my door!  I like Spud because they have reward points and promotions.  I will also use my best rewards Mastercards so that I am still earning points for buying organic products.


I’ll still go into the grocery store for a few things (frozen organic food, meat – but I may soon be buying a dozen chickens and a 1/4 of a cow for my freezer!), but my trips are way more efficient, peaceful and usually happen when my husband is home.

Recently I decided to try The Honest Company diapers and wipes.  I’ve heard about them for a long time and really wanted to try their products, but wasn’t sure I could justify spending the money for the diapers when I could get them way cheaper at Superstore.  Well, I found an early Black Friday promo code in my email and decided to go for it!  I got 204 diapers, 288 wipes and two hand sanitizers for only $65.91! These diapers and wipes are “natural, organic, sustainably harvested, renewable, pure raw materials” and with this price is CHEAPER than what I could buy Pampers or Huggies for.  AND it’s delivered to my door!



With home delivery service, the only thing I’m hauling are my boxes inside.  If you’re interested in trying either of these two home delivery services, please use my referral link!

Referral link for Spud.ca.

Referral link for The Honest Company.


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