Making Organic Butter Is Cheaper than Buying It!

Growing up we occasionally made butter.  It was mainly for school projects, and I remember reading the pioneer book about how they’d churn it and say: “Come butter come.  Come butter come.  Peter standing at the gate, waiting for a butter cake.  Come butter come.”  Mom had us take turn shaking the whipping cream in a mason jar until we got butter and buttermilk.  Thank goodness there were lots of siblings to share in the shaking because it was exhausting.  Now I use my cheap hand held mixer to whip butter (time for a Kitchen Aid Mixer!).

Pioneer Story

This was the EXCELLENT book that first introduced me to making butter.

First off, if you like to shop organically, the price of butter probably KILLS you.  For about a cup of butter you pay close to $5!  Sometimes it goes on sale for under $4, but I’ve only seen that once.  Making butter is really easy, fun, and tastes amazing!  It’s also less expensive to make than to buy.

As you know, we are trying out this year (nope, I am not an endorser!), and so far love it!  Last week I ordered whipping cream with my order.


Compare this price to that of non-organic whipping cream:


Only a $0.60 difference and I get the organic cream delivered to my front door (it is NOT cheaper to make non-organic butter).

If you’d like to see how to make butter, there are lots of great Youtube videos out there, but essentially here’s what you do:

1. Pour 500ml of cream into a big bowl and slowly turn your mixer on to high.

2. As you mix you will see your cream turn into whipped cream.  Keep mixing until it starts to look like this:

photo(16)3. Once you have about half butter and half butter milk in your bowl, you can stop and drain your milk into a mason jar.  I used cheese cloth to drain.

4. Now you have to rinse the butter in ice water to avoid spoilage.  Pour the ice water into the bowl with your butter, but make sure you don’t actually add the ice.  My mixer is a cheap thing so I actually had to wash the butter by hand.  It was cold (again, time for a Kitchen Aid mixer).  You mix (or in my case, knead the butter) until the water turn cloudy.  Continue this until the water is clear.

5. Drain all the water, then press the butter into the side of your bowl to remove any access of water.  Water can cause spoilage!

Here is my end result!  A beautiful cup of organic butter and a cup of organic butter milk for only $3.89!  You can’t even buy organic butter from SPUD for that cheap.  We use the buttermilk in buttermilk pancakes or biscuits so as not to waste.



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