Let’s Talk Bacon!

Who doesn’t like bacon?  Everyone I know – except my picky eater Ben – LOVES bacon.  We’ve always bought Maple Leaf bacon and it’s really quite delicious, but it’s full of additives which is starting to bug me.  Since we’ve started receiving most of our produce and dairy from Spud.ca, I started looking into costs of good quality bacon with no additives.  Here’s what I found.

A 375g pack of Maple Leaf bacon costs about $5.99 regular price.  That’s expensive in my opinion.


When I looked at the bacon offered through Spud.ca I was surprised how affordable and comparable it was in price to Maple Leaf, and yet with no additives!


Regular price for 1000g grams is $19.99.  Regular price for 1125g of Maple Leaf you’d pay $17.97.  When you buy six or more packages of this Traditional Wood Smoked Thick Cut Bacon from Spud.ca you get a 17% savings making it only $16.50 for 1000g (AND it’s delivered).  So comparing the price per gram and the quality, you’re paying a little more for way better quality.

Is it weird to buy 6000g of bacon at a time?  No weirder than buying a 1/4 of a cow or a dozen chickens!  Buying good quality food in bulk can be a really penny saver especially if you know you’re going to eat it all and we can easily go through 500-800g of bacon in a month!

Want to try out Spud.ca?  Please feel free to use my referral code if you’re going to sign up.  I don’t get any perks for promoting Spud, but I really do love it!


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