I’m Back with a Fantastic Deal!

I’m a little embarrassed that I’ve been MIA for so long, but now I’m right back into things.

Holy smokes! Spud.ca has an amazing weekly basket on sale right now for $35 (worth $65!). I bought this basket, and 1kg of their AMAZING bacon and only spent $45 (I got an additional $10 off because I haven’t ordered in a while ;)). Did I mention they deliver to your front door as well?
I spent $45.06, saved $30, and here’s what I ordered to maximized my savings:
If you like buying local, organic foods and like to SAVE MONEY doing it, then let’s help each other out! Use my referral code CREDM-GAUAMA to to enjoy $20 of free groceries when you spend at least $50 on your new SPUD account. Simply sign up with SPUD to have your $20 discount automatically applied to your order.
If you already have a SPUD account, you should still go buy this basket because it’s a sweet deal. 😉

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