5 Ways to Save Money When Buying Organic Foods

1. Search the flyers and make a list.  Look at your weekly flyers and what you have left at home in order to come up with a grocery list of what you need.

2. Buy sale or clearance items.  Nothing wrong with buying clearance organic produce and freezing them or baking them right away.  I do the same with yogurt, milk and meat.  Clearance items are where I get my best deals and honestly, when organic meats are on clearance YOU STOCK UP!  Knowing the regular and sale prices will help you make informed frugal purchases.


3. Meal plan.  I meal plan based on what organic products are on sale for the week.  For example, if organic apples, organic chicken, organic milk and organic berries are on sale this coming week, I will figure meal plan incorporating those ingredients.  There are TONS of things I can do with these ingredients to stretch them out into fun, delicious meals and snacks.  I’ve been able to stretch my chickens into three meals, which I thought was pretty good.  Here’s a great post on making one whole chicken last SIX meals!

4. Use rewards and reward days.   I generally buy my organic products at Superstore or Costco.  Occasionally when there is a great sale or a specific product I need (that isn’t sold at Superstore or Costco), I’ll head over to Safeway or Save on Foods.  I use my PC Mastercard, Superbucks and PC points to help me collect rewards.  I buy my gasoline at Superstore because I get rewarded the Superbucks for it.  Save on Foods has a great points system too.  Costco is great for bulk purchases especially when they have their organic and natural foods sales.

5. Use coupons.  Because we are now buying more whole/organic foods and less processed stuff, I have a lot less food coupons.  Instead now, I’m really trying – and it’s tough! – to buy other things like toilet paper, cleaning products, etc using coupons.  Any other items we buy, we try to get them on clearance.

What are some ways you save when buying whole or organic foods?


Gluten-Free Coupons!

I found this envelope in my mailbox this morning:


I assume they are affiliated with one of the coupon sites I’ve used because I do not remember ordering them.  Inside was this letter:


They included the following coupons:

– $2 off any Marc Angelo product
– $1 off when you buy 1 unit of Rice Crisps, SuperSlim, Crinkles, or Town Square- $3 off any Judy G gluten-free pizza
– $1 off any one box (120g) of Blue Diamond Nut-Thins
– $1 off one container of gluten-free Tribe Hummus (any flavour)
– $1 off any one box of Enjoy Life Soft Baked Cookies, Crunchy Cookies, Chewy Bars & Decadent Bars
– $1 off any one Rudi’s gluten-free sandwich bread
– $1 off any on Rudi’s gluten-free tortillas
$1 off any U-Be-Livin-Smart Best of All Nutrient Dense Muffins
– $0.50 off 1 Clif Mojo Bar
– $3 off U-Be-Livin-Smart Best of All Nutrient Dense Vitamins

Head on over to www.glutenfreecoupons.ca to sign up for their coupons to be mailed directly to you!

Save on Organic Milk and Bananas This Week

Bananas and milk are staples in our home, so thankfully this week we can get extra savings!

Organic bananas at Superstore are usually about $0.97/lb.  Keep your receipt and upload it to Checkout51 and get $0.25 rebate.  This may not seem like much, but the rebates add up until you reach $20 and then you will have a cheque mailed to you!

photoDon’t forget to check your PC Points offers this week.  You might have the bananas offer like I do and can score even more savings!


Sobeys has their Dairyland organic 4L of milk on sale for $7.99 this week.  Use the $1 off coupon and get it for only $6.99.  I will be taking the Sobey’s flyer in and price matching it at Superstore since I hardly ever shop at Sobeys.


Price match this sale price at Superstore or Walmart!


I found these at the Baseline Sobeys in Sherwood Park.

Happy shopping!


Organic Food Companies That Will Send You Coupons!

These are the organic companies I know of so far that will or have sent out coupons for organic or whole food products.  I will do my best to keep you up to date when I find more.  Happy emailing!  Let me know what you get and if I missed out on any companies.

Bolthouse – Not organic products, but great smoothies that use only fruits or vegetables.  They sent me multiple $1 off coupons.


(Photo source)

Driscoll – They have organic and non-organic berries.  I was sent a $0.50 off coupon and used it on organic raspberries.  Fill out surveys after buying their products in order to get more coupons emailed/mailed to you.

Earthbound Farms – Great for buying salads!  They have sent me $1 off coupons.

Earth Balance – Not all their products are organic and I have yet to email them for coupons, but have heard they send out $1 coupons.

Eden Foods – They have sent me $0.55-$1 off coupons.

Glutino – Not specifically organic, but provide great gluten-free products.  I’ve been sent FPCs and $1 off coupons.  Here is a printable coupon.

Hain Celestial – They have sent me multiple $1 off coupons.

Happy Planet – They have been most generous with me!  I received 5 FPCs and multiple $1 coupons from them.


(Photo source)

Ingredients Magazine – This is a magazine by the company Saputo.  They have sent out a $1 Dairyland organic milk coupon in their last few issues.  It’s FREE to sign up.

Natura – Not organic products, but provide coupons for rice and almond milk.  They provide for soy too, but I’m not a promoter of soy.

Organic Meadows – They have sent out a 1L milk FPC (free product coupon), BUT so far you can’t buy this product in Alberta!  I’ve traded it for other organic FPCs.

Pillers Fine Foods – They don’t have organic products, but next best: free-from.  I have received $0.50, $0.75 and $5 coupons.  Sign up for their e-newsletters and you can get coupons sent to your email.

These are the companies I know of so far and will do my best to keep you up to date when I find more.

13 Days, $5.62 Left to in the Budget

Today I spent $7.43 picking up a few grocery items we needed for the week.  There are 13 days left in February to stick within my $350 grocery budget and I now have $5.62 that I can spend out of pocket!


$7.43 OOP (out of pocket)

Here’s the breakdown:

– I used my rain cheque from Sobeys to FINALLY get my organic potatoes (1.36kg) for $2.49.  Regular price: $3.99.

– The Advil and eggs I got for $1.58 by using a coupon and redeeming $10 in points at Shoppers Drug Mart.  Regular or sale price: Advil $10.99, eggs $1.99.

– After price matching the milk for $7.99 (from this week’s Sobeys flyer) using my $1 coupon and $5.31 in Superbucks, I got the milk and bananas at Superstore for only $3.37.  Regular price: milk $8.99, bananas $0.89/lb.

5 Tips to Start Frugal Organic Shopping

I realized I may have gotten a head of myself with starting this blog and launching immediately into a personal challenge, so I’m going to back track a little for the sake of those who are thinking, “Hey, that’s nice that you’re going to only spend $350 this month on your organic groceries, but how the heck do I get started?”  My apologies for getting too eager; here are some things I do.

1. Coupon.  I do a few things in order to be able to afford organic products:

  • Email organic companies asking for coupons.
  • “Like” organic companies of Facebook and watch for promotions.
  • Stay alert when grocery shopping for the rare organic coupon tear pads.
  • Use coupons to save money on OTHER non-organic products such as toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, make-up, medicine, clothing, etc.
  • I am part of Facebook’s couponing network and trade non-organic coupons for organic coupons.

Couponing does take a certain amount of time and commitment, but for me the payoff is worth it. 


Just some organic coupons I’ve been able to collect. I’ve used many others that are not seen here.

2. Watch and record sales (or just watch this blog for sale alerts!)  Checking your flyers weekly is one of the BEST ways to do this.  In just a short time and with a bit of networking, I’ve been able to learn sale cycles and record stock up and sale prices.  Some stores will price match other stores’ flyers which is a great way to help optimize savings!

3. Reward yourself.  This can be such an extensive topic so I’m going to attempt an in-depth post another time.  Basically, make sure you’re getting something back for buying your products.  Whether it’s 20x the points at Shoppers Drug Mart, PC Plus points, Superbucks, 15% off day, special offers, points on your credit card, etc. make sure you’re optimizing these rewards in order to help you save more later on.


Reward yourself!

4. Discount stickers.  Don’t be afraid to buy items that are clearing out.  I feel like I hit the jackpot when I find my grocery list products on clearance, especially when it’s meat and dairy.  You can freeze a lot of these items or be creative and figure out how to use them up in your meals that week.


Don’t be afraid of the pink sticker!

5. Inventory.  List. Plan. Shop. Stop. Plan.  Record!  Before I go shopping, I check to see what I have and what I need (especially when I’m getting close to exhausting the monthly budget).  I’ll do a quick inventory, makes a list based on what we have/need and what’s on sale in the flyers, plan my coupons/promotions, shop, then stop.  By stop I mean shop only once (MAYBE twice) a week.  Based on what I bought I then meal and snack plan for the week.  It may be a little backwards, but for us it’s been the best way to save money.  This is because we buy sale and discount items.  We almost NEVER buy anything at full price or without a ‘reward’.  Most of our meat and yogurt have discount stickers on them and our produce will always be whatever is on sale for the week.  We do allow some flexibility within our budget for stock up items in case something goes on such a great sale that it’s worth it to buy more than we need (at the moment) but will certainly use up before they expire.  Don’t forget to keep track of how much you spent so you don’t over spend!

I learned a lot of these tips while buying non-organic products, but it can be applied to any means of shopping really!  Try implementing one or two (or all) of these and you’ll notice a difference in the amount you spend when buying organic!