A Perfect Breakfast

My husband makes Sunday brunch every weekend and it is always fantastic.  We always have eggs, homemade hash browns and either sausage or bacon.  This weekend I was so excited to have free-from sausages, local farm eggs (the yellower the yolk the better!), home made hash browns from organic russet potatoes and yes, even organic ketchup.  I washed all this deliciousness down with a glass of 50% off organic milk that I bought on Friday.  Mmmm bien.


Check out why orange egg yolks are better than yellow!


A Great Snack for a Picky Eater – My Chocolate Avocado Pudding!

My 20 month old is a very picky eater.  He will not eat fruits or veggies or meat (to name a few things) unless I hide it in other foods.  My cousin told me about a chocolate avocado pudding that she made and so I started looking into recipes which led me to make my own.  Here it is:


Simple, whole food ingredients.

2 very ripe avocados

1/2 ripe banana
1/3 cup liquid honey

2-3 tbsp on cocoa
1 tsp vanilla (optional and not necessary when you have banana)


Blend ingredients for about 15 seconds!

Blend.  Add a bit of milk if the consistency is too thick.


Perfect consistency!

Best served chilled.  I’ve topped this delicious treat with strawberries and whipped cream.  The 20 month old picks off the strawberries, but hey, at least he’s getting avocado!


This was his first bite. After that, I had to put down the camera and run for wet cloths! It got messy very quickly.



Making Your Own Snacks Saves You Money – My Protein Ball Recipe

When trying to save money on organic foods, stay away from the organic snack aisle (for the most part).  One delicious treat I absolutely love to make is protein balls.  They are cheap, easy and depending what you put in them, can be really good for you!

Recently I used almond butter instead of peanut butter as my main protein ingredient and it turned out AMAZING!  Here’s my recipe:

1/4 cup honey (or 1/8 cup maple syrup)
1/2 heaping cup almond butter
1/2 cup whole oats1 tbsp cocoa
1/4 tsp vanilla (optional)
Crushed freeze dried banana (this works great) (optional)
Handful of mini chocolate chips
Hemp seed

Mix all the ingredients (except the hemp) together.  I like mine to be a bit stickier because then they are a bit chewier.


Chill for about 1 hour then roll into balls.  Roll balls in hemp seed.  Keep chilled and store in a ziplock bag.


Now, these are not very “clean” to take on the go, so what I did was mix the hemp seed with the rest of the ingredients and baked them into a bar as well!  Press flat (however thick you prefer) into a baking tray and bake for 10 minutes at 350C.  Cut into bars and wrap in saran wrap or store in ziplock bags.  Freeze to keep them fresh and pull out when you need one for on the go! 

I daresay these delicious treat are tastier than some cookies!  They are certainly a must have for me once our baby arrives.

(I’ll post a picture of the bars once they come out of the oven).


We Froze Our Milk This Month

We froze our milk this month for two reasons:

1. I wanted to see how much milk we go through and if freezing it is a good way to help save money 2. If this is a ‘success’ it may be a huge life saver after the baby is born!

Cost of milk this month (3x 4L): $19.92
(After 15% and 3x $1 coupons.  There was also some overage from the FPCs.  Clearly this is more than me spent on milk in February with no PC points.  We shall see if this is the right way to go.)

Here’s how I did it:

1. Collect your supplies.  You’ll need:

  • Very well sealed zipper freezer bags.
  • Sharpie or pen
  • Cookie tray

We only froze 2x 4L jugs because we already broke into the 3rd one.

2. Write down important information on the bags:

  • Date you froze the milk
  • Date the milk expires
  • How much you put in the bag (I did approximately 2L so that there was room to lay the bag flat-ish)
  • Days you have after thawing before the milk goes bad (in my case, 10 days)


3. Pouring the milk.  I found this way to be the best.  Put the bag over top of the jug as tightly as possible and slowly pour the milk into the bag.


4. Lie each bag flat on a cookie sheet (they don’t stack well before they are frozen, so I staggered them a bit).


5. Lie flat in the freezer.

6. Thawing. When you thaw the milk, let it thaw in slightly in the fridge, then dump the contents into a jug that can be sealed.  There will be slightly ‘more’ milk due to thawed ice.  Thawing can take up to 24 hours so make sure to take it out in time so that you can use it when you run out of milk.

7. Milk jar.  I bought a milk jar from Home Sense for $5.99 and am going to go back to buy a second one so all the thawed milk has a place to go.  Totally optional, but oh so cute!


5 Ways to Help You Make Your Organic Groceries Last Longer

Here are just a few suggestions to help you stock up on organic groceries when they are on sale.
1. If you don’t use PC Points or Superbucks to help reduce the costs of your organic milk, consider buying a month’s worth on 15% off Tuesday at SOF (you can use coupons here too) then freeze it!
Make sure you write the date you froze it and the date it expires so you know how much time you have after you thaw it before it goes bad.
Freeze it in a ziplock bag. Lie the bags flat to freeze and to make for easy stacking. You can also stock up on your organic cheese, yogurt and butter for the month and freeze it as well. You can stock up on meats, eggs, breads and produce and freeze as well!
2. Learn how to substitute one product for another. On Sunday we made chocolate chip cookies and instead of using eggs (organic eggs are NOT cheap) we used banana as a substitute! Organic bananas ARE cheap and the banana added extra sweetness to the cookie. Bonus: my non-fruit eating son eats them without knowing there is fruit in them.
3. Preserve!  Freeze, pickle, dry. This is an area I am determined to learn more about this spring/summer so that I can make my garden produce last longer. Freezing seems to be the easiest method right now. When you see a sale, especially on 15% off day, stock up on that produce and learn how to freeze it! Freezing fruit is VERY easy! So is blending it up into sauces for baking or eating 🙂
4. DIY.  Make your own foods.  Recently I’ve learned how to make our own pudding and have been able to add healthy ingredients into it like bananas, avocados and almond butter.  These puddings are absolutely delicious and by buying the ingredients to make our own organic pudding, we’re saving lots of money.
5. Make frugal meals.  Stretching a roasted chicken or maximizing the amount of produce I get can be a challenge, but very rewarding when you’re successful.  This month we managed to use one free-from whole chicken and turn it into 3 meals for a family of 4!  Get creative and search for easy, yet maximizing recipes!  In March I’ll share our frugal meals!
Any more ideas?  Let me know!