Now’s The Time to Buy Clearance Kids Clothes

At Superstore all of the baby/toddler/kids summer clothing is on clearance so it’s a great time to stock up for next year, especially because they have their $10 off coupon in stores right now!

photo(42)I always buy my kids a size bigger than the age they will be next season.  For example: Chloe will be 4 next summer so I am buying her size 5 clearance items.  It’s a bit tricky to plan for the next year when you have a baby under 1 because you haven’t really seen their growth pattern yet, but with prices like these and by buying a size bigger than their age, you should come in pretty close. 

Take a look at these clearance prices (Sherwood Park location)!

The Best Time to Buy Kids Craft Supplies

This isn’t a post about organic living/saving, BUT because I’m a frugal mom, saving money in everything is important to me.  I went to Target in Sherwood Park to pick up a few items on my list (fitted crib sheets, baby bottles, etc) and I went by the Valentine’s Day clearance section to see what they had.  I like to look because after the big ‘holidays’ is a great time to stock up on craft supplies for my 2 1/2 year old.

Crafts are important here because they can be an activity that 1) can be frugal 2) allows for creativity 3) keeps them busy for at least 30 minutes.  While I love everything I picked up, I’m most excited for the 15pk of play dough for $2!



This afternoon the kids spent an hour quietly ‘crafting’ together while I prepped supper.  This is just one great frugal activity that we all enjoy.

Ben just picked out all the foam puppy sticker.

Ben just picked out all the foam puppy sticker.


Art by my babies

(Btw, I bought these items with my PC Mastercard so I could earn points for organic groceries.)