Let’s Talk Bacon!

Who doesn’t like bacon?  Everyone I know – except my picky eater Ben – LOVES bacon.  We’ve always bought Maple Leaf bacon and it’s really quite delicious, but it’s full of additives which is starting to bug me.  Since we’ve started receiving most of our produce and dairy from Spud.ca, I started looking into costs of good quality bacon with no additives.  Here’s what I found.

A 375g pack of Maple Leaf bacon costs about $5.99 regular price.  That’s expensive in my opinion.


When I looked at the bacon offered through Spud.ca I was surprised how affordable and comparable it was in price to Maple Leaf, and yet with no additives!


Regular price for 1000g grams is $19.99.  Regular price for 1125g of Maple Leaf you’d pay $17.97.  When you buy six or more packages of this Traditional Wood Smoked Thick Cut Bacon from Spud.ca you get a 17% savings making it only $16.50 for 1000g (AND it’s delivered).  So comparing the price per gram and the quality, you’re paying a little more for way better quality.

Is it weird to buy 6000g of bacon at a time?  No weirder than buying a 1/4 of a cow or a dozen chickens!  Buying good quality food in bulk can be a really penny saver especially if you know you’re going to eat it all and we can easily go through 500-800g of bacon in a month!

Want to try out Spud.ca?  Please feel free to use my referral code if you’re going to sign up.  I don’t get any perks for promoting Spud, but I really do love it!


The Organic Box or SPUD.ca?

Last winter we were signed up to The Organic Box and LOVED it!  Having fresh produce delivered regularly to my door during the winter was amazing.  I loved not having to pack up two toddlers and slowly, painfully walk my pregnant self through the grocery store all the while listening to kids fight or yell at me for bakery cookies.  I loved that I only bought what we needed online and there was no impulse buying (you know – those chocolate bars at the checkout).

This winter, we are going to try out SPUD.ca instead of The Organic Box, here’s why:

1. I still want groceries delivered to me during the winter and I like that these groceries are organic, fair-trade and/or natural products.

2. I’ve already heard great things about SPUD.ca.  One thing, there produce is way better than The Organic Box.

3. They seem to offer more groceries than The Organic Box.

4. They have a points reward system where you can redeem for FREE groceries.  I always say, when shopping you should reward yourself!

5. My first order saved me $25!  I only needed to spend $50 to save that amount, so I looked through many items, compared prices with in-store organic products and added them to my cart.

6. Right now, if you refer a friend, you can get $40 off an order!  So please, if you sign up, use my referral link!  This promo is good until November 15, 2014.


So definitely check it out!  I’ll keep you posted with how I like it and how it compares to The Organic Box.

My Organic Shopping Trip Earned Over $60 Back in Points

I hit up Superstore at 8:30 this morning with all three of my kids.  That in itself was AMAZING!  But after going through the check out with all the organic/whole foods that were on my grocery list – and carefully placing them in my cart so everything would fit – I was thrilled!  Going in this morning, my goal was to optimize my spending to get as many PC Points as possible.  Not everything I bought was organic or whole foods.  I picked up diapers, pie filling, cheese and some baby shower items for my sister-in-law’s party to help me get to the $250 total and earn 25,000 points.  But here is what I got for my family that was organic/whole.

This cost me: $143.22.  Please note that there is a cast iron skillet, glass containers, and vitamins.  I’m super thrilled with these glass containers by the way because as you know we’re switching to all glass for our food storage and these for 50% off!



At the end of my trip I earned 60,000 points, spent $250 and didn’t even end up using my Superbucks!  Now I have a total of $85 worth in PC Plus points and a bunch of Superbucks to use for my next organic/whole foods shopping trip!

I Can Afford Organic Butter and Organic Eggs With This Deal

I can never buy organic eggs or butter because I can’t usually afford it, but this week, I CAN!  Here’s how:

1. My husband and I both need to fill up with gasoline, so we will both fill up at Superstore using my PC Mastercard and get Superbucks.  I’ll use all my Superbucks towards my organic purchases.


2. This is my FAVORITE PC Plus rewards and I’m going to use it to my full advantage.  If I buy 6 dozen organic eggs, that’s $30.  If I buy 7 blocks of 1/2 lb of organic butter,  that’s over $30.  Boxes of Larabars are in my store right now for $16 and my kids LOVE these whole food snacks.  Buying two boxes is over $30.  I feel like I can justify stocking up on more expensive organic/whole foods during this offer because I am getting rewarded points to spend on future organic purchases.


This offer ONLY applies to items found in the Natural Health Food aisle of your Superstore.

3. This week Superstore is also offering 25,000 points when you spend $250 on groceries!  This deal, combined with the Natural Food deal, is a GREAT time to stock up on all your natural and organic food needs!


*Make sure your TOTAL after using points, Superbucks or coupons is above $250 and $30 in natural health, otherwise you will not get your rewards!*

An Almost Completely Organic Dinner for UNDER $5!

I made pasta, meat sauce and salad tonight for supper and EVERYTHING but the pasta was organic (ok, the tomatoes were from my garden). The best part of this is it only cost me $4.20 to feed 3 adults, 2 toddlers and have enough leftovers for two adults!  The secret?  Frugal and strategic shopping!  I used sales, Superbucks, 50% off clearance stickers, and garden produce!

Pasta: Free

Meat sauce: $2.40

Organic ground beef (used a Superbucks worth $5.52): $0.21

Organic tomato sauce: $0.75
Organic ketchup (Ya. I have that.  I used a squirt, so that’s probably a few pennies).
Organic onion: $0.44
Organic mushrooms: $1



100% organic!

Salad: $1.73

Organic spring mix (I split it into thirds): $1.23
Organic mushrooms: $0.50
Organic pepper (a friend gave a few to me before she left on holidays and I froze it): FREE

Organic dill (the package I used was $2.50.  The amount I used was probably worth a few pennies).
Garden tomatoes: FREE


100% organic!

My Costco Trip This Week Included Some GREAT Organic Food Sales!

I’ve been dairy-free since Charles was about 2 months old and have been buying coconut milk for my coffee from Costco.  Generally a box of six is $10.99, but it was on an unadvertised sale for only $8.79 making it only $1.47 per 1L carton!


Did you know that prices ending in “9” (so $0.59, $0.69, $0.79, $0.89 but not $0.99) generally means that Costco got a deal from the manufacturer and passed it on to members! Hurray!

Another unadvertised sale was for organic black bean spaghetti!  I’m so glad I went down this aisle because this product was on my “must buy if it ever goes on sale” list.  Regular price is $9.99 for a 907g box.  For anything organic I try to pay about $1.00/100g or $1.00/lb so this sale is great!

photo(70)The last time I bought the Costco Wild Roots Couscous Blend it was $7.99.


When I went back yesterday it was only $4.97!  I’m kicking myself for only buying ONE!


I also picked up a 12 pack of organic tomato sauce for $8.99 and organic peas for $6.49.


$45.82 (the sales helped me save $10.22)


Not much to say because these photos speak for themselves.  Both photos are of apples from Superstore.


Non-organic apples: $5.88 for 6lbs


Organic apples: $5.98 for 5lbs

I like to post these pictures to show that sometimes it is not really that much more to buy organic food.  If I didn’t currently have lots of apples from my neighbour’s tree, I would be all over this.

Costco’s Organic Steel Cut Oats

A while back I posted here about one of my new finds at Costco: organic steel cut oats.  For 3.18kg, the price was an amazing $9.49!

photo(13)Now these oats are only $8.99!  Only a fifty cent difference, but fifty cents is fifty cents!

photo(38)This should be on your grocery list.  Steel cut oats are super healthy and for this price they are very affordable.  My picky eater son loves them so much (mixed with raw honey, organic milk and cinnamon of course) that he actually eats it for breakfast and a snack!

Safeway Deals Including Organic Milk for 40% Off!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “Organic foods are not always more expensive than non-organic!”  My son and I stopped by Safeway this morning and found these sweet deals!

Look. At. This.  Organic 4L of milk for only $0.20 more than non-organic milk!  This was a no brainer.


And yogurt, anyone?  We didn’t need any, so I didn’t pick any up, but with 50% off this would have been $2.69.  With my coupon from a Facebook promotion, I could have bought organic yogurt for $1.69!  (Part of being frugal though is not buying what you don’t need or won’t use up before it goes bad).


And lastly, I like these unscented wipes because Charles has very sensitive skin and so far only these and the Kirkland ones do not cause any skin irritation on his poor baby bum.  I picked up a box while they are on sale for 50% off.

photo(40)These deals were all found at the Sherwood Park Mall Safeway.  Sales may vary at each Safeway location.


Organic Milk and Organic Beef for $0.94!

Milk and beef were on our small grocery list this week.  I was THRILLED when I found Avalon Organic Milk 2L for 50% off at Superstore.  My pleasure escalated when I found that Superstore now carries organic ground beef!


$0.94 after Superbucks

I went in hoping not to spend any money at all, but to simply use my Superbucks, but I was $0.94 short, so I forked over a dollar, BUT I earned back 1000 PC Plus points with my beef purchase so in reality, it was like I got these organic items free!  If you don’t count the PC Points I earned, my savings today were just about 90%!