Organic Milk and Organic Beef for $0.94!

Milk and beef were on our small grocery list this week.  I was THRILLED when I found Avalon Organic Milk 2L for 50% off at Superstore.  My pleasure escalated when I found that Superstore now carries organic ground beef!


$0.94 after Superbucks

I went in hoping not to spend any money at all, but to simply use my Superbucks, but I was $0.94 short, so I forked over a dollar, BUT I earned back 1000 PC Plus points with my beef purchase so in reality, it was like I got these organic items free!  If you don’t count the PC Points I earned, my savings today were just about 90%!  





The Best Time to Buy Kids Craft Supplies

This isn’t a post about organic living/saving, BUT because I’m a frugal mom, saving money in everything is important to me.  I went to Target in Sherwood Park to pick up a few items on my list (fitted crib sheets, baby bottles, etc) and I went by the Valentine’s Day clearance section to see what they had.  I like to look because after the big ‘holidays’ is a great time to stock up on craft supplies for my 2 1/2 year old.

Crafts are important here because they can be an activity that 1) can be frugal 2) allows for creativity 3) keeps them busy for at least 30 minutes.  While I love everything I picked up, I’m most excited for the 15pk of play dough for $2!



This afternoon the kids spent an hour quietly ‘crafting’ together while I prepped supper.  This is just one great frugal activity that we all enjoy.

Ben just picked out all the foam puppy sticker.

Ben just picked out all the foam puppy sticker.


Art by my babies

(Btw, I bought these items with my PC Mastercard so I could earn points for organic groceries.)

The Organic Box IS Frugal – My Personal (and Long) Review

For a long time I contemplated getting The Organic Box.  I wondered: Will it be worth my money?  I don’t want anything to go to waste, so what size box should I get?  Can I get organic produce cheaper in stores?  Is $110/month in fresh organic produce worth it?  Is there a way to shop strategically to get the most bang for my buck?


Here’s what I came up with:

Will it be worth my money?  For my family, yes.  Most of us who like to shop healthy make a weekly or bi-weekly trip into the grocery store for fresh produce.  Personally, even with my list, I struggle not to pick up that extra thing here or there (even if that extra thing is produce we don’t need)!  Having produce delivered to my home will not only save me from shopping with the kids (fun to do especially when pregnant *sarcasm*), buying those “extras”, and saving money on gas.  I’m also guaranteed my produce even if my car won’t start, I have unexpected guests or a new baby in the house and I just can’t get out to buy my produce!  Those reasons are HUGE for me.

I don’t want anything to go to waste, so what size box should I get?
As we know, organic produce goes bad much quicker than non-organic.  It’s really disappointing to throw out moldy produce especially when you’ve paid good money for it.  My husband and son do not eat nearly as many fruits and vegetables as my daughter and I, so I wasn’t sure  what size of box would be right for us (it might be different for your family).  It took careful thought and planning, but we went for ‘The Organic Box‘ which has “…enough produce for an average-sized family for a full week.”  I figured we are a young average sized family who doesn’t eat a ton of produce.  The first week, I was disappointed in how little produce I got for my $55…


My first box. Not strategically bought.

Can I get organic produce cheaper in stores?
Yup!  No beating around the bush there.  You can definitely get [most] produce cheaper – and I will get some things there because of that – BUT here’s what you can’t get: free delivery, mostly local products (trickier in winter), the good feeling of supporting a local business, educational newsletters with your boxes, free-trade and a huge variety (have you ever seen rainbow organic carrots in a grocery store?)!

Is $110/month in fresh organic produce worth it?  
Yes!  First off, when shopping strategically you can get a lot of produce for $110.  I figure $27.50/week for organic produce delivered to my house is GREAT!  And the amount we get certainly lasts us the two weeks!  (We also have frozen and dried organic fruits/veggies that we use to help make the produce last or IF we run out).

Is there a way to shop strategically to get the most bang for my buck?
Yes!  When I plan out my grocery shopping trips, I look for produce that is on sale and we eat that for the week.  Well, a friend had to clue me in that I need to do the same thing with The Organic Box.  They send me a set list of what automatically comes in my box and I can delete what I don’t want then add what I DO want.  Going through the weekly produce list helps me to see what produce is on sale (ex. the red leaf lettuce is less expensive this week than the romaine) and to select based on that.  From what I selected, I then begin to meal plan.

Easy peasy and look at how much I got for the next two weeks:

The box was almost full!

The box was almost full!

This is a lot for my family.

This is a lot for my family.  Don’t see a lot of fruit?  I substituted by getting that for free at Superstore last week.

And finally, I use my PC Mastercard to pay for my Organic Box purchases to get points to use on other in-store organic groceries!

We await our next box this coming Friday and so far we’ve enjoyed the delicious carrots and celery in soup, celery ‘ants on a log’, BLT sandwiches with the red lettuce, avacado (still have some for chocolate avocado pudding!) tomatoes, cucumber snacks and in salads, pepper and tomatoes in chili, kale chips, squash and a carrot in muffins, broccoli with free-from steaks, and we still have some left!  I’m excited to share with you what I get this week in my box.