7 Yummy Things We Are Enjoying This Summer

1. Happy Planet Raspberry Lemonade


I knew I was pregnant with Charles (baby #3) when I first tried this product last year.  All I had to do was take a sip and I knew that something so simple should not take like the angels in Heaven made it.  Seriously folks, this was my first trimester go-to for my nausea and I still love it.  It goes on sale at Save-on-Foods for $3.99.  Send Happy Planet an email praising their products and hopefully they will send you a $1 coupon or free product coupon (FPC) and you can use it on the Raspberry Lemonade.  Maybe you’ll luck out and get it on sale, with a coupon AND during 15% off Tuesday!

2. Quinoa Chips


Usually when I try new products I like to wait until they are on sale, clearance or on 15% off Tuesday.  These chips came in an itty-bitty bag and cost $4.99 (on sale).  OUCH!  That was not a frugal buy at all, BUT I like to try new things so bought it on 15% off Tuesday.  The kids and I had this as a treat and thoroughly enjoyed these GMO-free treats.

3. Red Lentil Pasta


Found at Costco.

This was another non-frugal buy, but I decided to try it anyways.  My son is ridiculously picky and I struggle to find a healthy variety of foods to feed him.  To make this $9.99 box of “pasta” stretch, I’ve combined it with eggs, veggies, and free-from chicken.  Because it contains 21g of protein per serving, my kids filled their bellies with a small portion.  I’m guessing that we can stretch this into quite a few meals.  Best part is that there is only ONE ingredient listed in this product: red lentils.

4. Chia Squeeze


Found at Costco.

I try to spend $1 per 100g/1L/unit in organic food and this was slightly more than that.  Right now I’m feeling quite limited with my dairy-free diet (Charles has a sensitivity to the dairy proteins he receives through my breast milk) so I like finding something quick, easy and “to-go”.  These organic treats have the consistency of tapioca pudding and tastes best when chilled.

5. Coconut Milk “Ice Cream”


This is MINE!  I love ice cream and find that I cannot go through summer without it.  This delicious coconut milk “ice cream” is actually on sale at Planet Organic for $4.99 until August 14.

6. San Pellegrino


This sale is over, but watch for it as this is the BEST price for this product.

A delicious alternative to main stream pop.  I’m thrilled that my husband likes these and has started mixing his rum with them instead of with his usual Coke!

7. Organic Flavoured Milk Kefir


3 x 454ml for $9.99.  Found at Costco.

Milk kefir is not something I EVER thought my kids (especially picky eater Ben) would enjoy: but they do!  This organic milk kefir from Liberte is awesome and I believe the price is great too!  This fermented, probiotic milk is great for gut health and WAY cheaper than buying probiotic pills or drops.  This package comes with raspberry, strawberry and plain.  My kids do NOT like the plain, so I’ve mixed it with honey or fruit and well, my daughter will eat it!

These are just a few things we are enjoying this summer!



Some Organic and Whole Food Sales to Hit Up This Week!

The new sale cycles started today so you have lots of time to get what you need.  After quickly looking through the flyers, here are some great produce sales that we will be taking advantage of.

Tomorrow is 10% off customer appreciation day at Planet Organic.  Great time to score on these sales!


Sobeys has some whole and organic foods for a great price this week too.  Check out the butter bogo sale!


1.5kg of frozen organic strawberries are only $6.99 at Costco, but this is still a good deal.



Not organic, but $1.89/1 kg of oats is a great price.



$2.50 per block of butter!

At London Drugs they have the 6 pack San Pellegrino sparkling citrus drinks 3/$9.99!  This is a pretty good price!  Not as good as Costco but they offer three flavours as opposed to Costco’s one.  At this price, it’s “cheaper” than making your own.


I haven’t had time to look too closely at other sales, but these are the big ones that have caught my attention and made it to my grocery list!

Get 10% off TODAY for Customer Appreciation at Planet Organic

photo(11)Planet Organic doesn’t have a monthly set day when they do their customer appreciation, but today is the day.  As a member you can get 10% off anything in the store!

Activate a membership rewards card and get $5 in free produce!


Speaking of produce, they have some excellent sales that are better or equal to what non-organic produce usually is.  Sales run until June 19.


With 10% off it’s $2.24!


With 10% off that $0.90.each!


With 10% off that 2/$2.70!


Dairy promo!

Check out their flyer for a complete list of sale offers.