20x The Points at Shoppers Drug Mart


Today is 20x the points when you spend $50 or more at Shoppers Drug Mart.  Head on in to get butter for $2.99, eggs for $1.77, and perhaps pick up some clearance milk and yogurt too?  Coppertone Sunscreen is on sale for $7.99 and there is a $5 you can use (on select products).  20x the points is a great way to get items you need and accumulate points for free groceries in the future.  Check out their flyer for more deals before heading in!

A few tips:

1. Coupons count as a form of payment.  When the ad says spend $50 or more to get 20x the points that means your subtotal must reach $50, but not what you pay out of pocket.  I have had my subtotal get to $75, use coupons to get it to $10 and still get 20x the points on the original $75!  It’s great!

2. Make sure you plan out your trip before going.  Make sure you have a rough idea of what you will be spending out of pocket and when you arrive at the store, immediately purchase a Shoppers Drug Mart gift card with the total amount you plan to spend.  Buying a gift card and paying with it gets you extra regular points (not 20x the points though).

3. Check the clearance section!  I have found many great products clearing out, and it’s a great way to find products you may need or want!  (Like Essie nail polish for $0.99!)

4. Check out Mrs. January’s awesome manual on how to shop at Shoppers Drug Mart!

Happy shopping!




6 Things You Should Buy at Shoppers Drug Mart ESPECIALLY on Redemption Day


Since this weekend is a bonus redemption weekend at Shoppers Drug Mart, I thought I’d do a quick post on what some good items to buy this weekend are.

1. Nativa Organics is Shoppers Drug Mart’s organic food brand and they have A LOT to offer.  Ranging from peanut butter to baby food to crackers to pasta (and MORE), Shoppers Drug Mart redemption days are a great way to stock up on dry organic products for FREE!  I’ve bought their crackers for sale at $1.99 and really should try out their other products since the crackers were GREAT!

This weekend is extra special because not only do you get $85 or $170 worth of free groceries, you get a bonus gift card too (to use on future food or non-food grocery purchases).



2. Butter (non-organic) is a great product to buy at Shoppers Drug Mart is general, because it often goes on sale for $2.99.  When doing a redemption, I usually pick up a block or two.

3. Eggs (non-organic) often go on sale for $1.99/dozen.  This is one of the best prices for eggs you will find, and when the “$1 off when you buy 2 dozen” coupon is available, the deal is even better!  Another product worth picking up during redemption days.  It’s on sale this week!


4. Cheese (non-organic).  Their store brand cheese is pretty decent and goes on sale for $5.99 (500g).  I only buy their cheese on redemption days.

5. Milk (non-organic).  Why not get free milk?  Before switching to organic milk, I often found $3 store peelie coupons on milk products!

6. Yogurt (non-organic).  I’ve seen peelie coupons on yogurt products too and you CAN combine a store peelie coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon!  For example, Oikos greek yogurt was $3.99-$1 store peelie and $2 manufacturer’s coupon.  Yup, I got a 4 pack of greek yogurt for $0.99!

So if you have enough points to redeem this weekend, consider getting some of your main grocery items for FREE! 

Frugal Friday Finds! Vol. 3.

There are some pretty decent deals out there!  Don’t bother looking through the following flyers, because I did it for you.  Here’s what I found so far this week:

If you’re shopping at this store, don’t forget to bring your rewards card and Air Miles!



If you’re shopping at this store, don’t forget to bring your rewards card!



Shoppers Drug Mart
If you’re shopping at this store, don’t forget to bring your rewards card!



If you can’t afford organic eggs, this is a great price.

If you’re shopping at this store, don’t forget to bring your rewards card!



Consider price matching the milk and yogurt at Superstore (SS) especially if you’re hoping to take advantage of SS promo this week!


Gluten free bacon!


Almond/Coconut Blend sounds amazing!

If you’re shopping at this store, don’t forget to bring your rewards card and Superbucks!


Not organic mangos, but not a bad offer! Don’t forget to price match from other flyers to help you get this offer!


Great price!


Great price!


I often find these with 50% off pink clearance stickers. Deli meat is very freezer friendly.








These are the flyer deals I found this week.  If you see any more or any in-store specials, let me know!

13 Days, $5.62 Left to in the Budget

Today I spent $7.43 picking up a few grocery items we needed for the week.  There are 13 days left in February to stick within my $350 grocery budget and I now have $5.62 that I can spend out of pocket!


$7.43 OOP (out of pocket)

Here’s the breakdown:

– I used my rain cheque from Sobeys to FINALLY get my organic potatoes (1.36kg) for $2.49.  Regular price: $3.99.

– The Advil and eggs I got for $1.58 by using a coupon and redeeming $10 in points at Shoppers Drug Mart.  Regular or sale price: Advil $10.99, eggs $1.99.

– After price matching the milk for $7.99 (from this week’s Sobeys flyer) using my $1 coupon and $5.31 in Superbucks, I got the milk and bananas at Superstore for only $3.37.  Regular price: milk $8.99, bananas $0.89/lb.