My Organic Shopping Trip Earned Over $60 Back in Points

I hit up Superstore at 8:30 this morning with all three of my kids.  That in itself was AMAZING!  But after going through the check out with all the organic/whole foods that were on my grocery list – and carefully placing them in my cart so everything would fit – I was thrilled!  Going in this morning, my goal was to optimize my spending to get as many PC Points as possible.  Not everything I bought was organic or whole foods.  I picked up diapers, pie filling, cheese and some baby shower items for my sister-in-law’s party to help me get to the $250 total and earn 25,000 points.  But here is what I got for my family that was organic/whole.

This cost me: $143.22.  Please note that there is a cast iron skillet, glass containers, and vitamins.  I’m super thrilled with these glass containers by the way because as you know we’re switching to all glass for our food storage and these for 50% off!



At the end of my trip I earned 60,000 points, spent $250 and didn’t even end up using my Superbucks!  Now I have a total of $85 worth in PC Plus points and a bunch of Superbucks to use for my next organic/whole foods shopping trip!


I Can Afford Organic Butter and Organic Eggs With This Deal

I can never buy organic eggs or butter because I can’t usually afford it, but this week, I CAN!  Here’s how:

1. My husband and I both need to fill up with gasoline, so we will both fill up at Superstore using my PC Mastercard and get Superbucks.  I’ll use all my Superbucks towards my organic purchases.


2. This is my FAVORITE PC Plus rewards and I’m going to use it to my full advantage.  If I buy 6 dozen organic eggs, that’s $30.  If I buy 7 blocks of 1/2 lb of organic butter,  that’s over $30.  Boxes of Larabars are in my store right now for $16 and my kids LOVE these whole food snacks.  Buying two boxes is over $30.  I feel like I can justify stocking up on more expensive organic/whole foods during this offer because I am getting rewarded points to spend on future organic purchases.


This offer ONLY applies to items found in the Natural Health Food aisle of your Superstore.

3. This week Superstore is also offering 25,000 points when you spend $250 on groceries!  This deal, combined with the Natural Food deal, is a GREAT time to stock up on all your natural and organic food needs!


*Make sure your TOTAL after using points, Superbucks or coupons is above $250 and $30 in natural health, otherwise you will not get your rewards!*


Not much to say because these photos speak for themselves.  Both photos are of apples from Superstore.


Non-organic apples: $5.88 for 6lbs


Organic apples: $5.98 for 5lbs

I like to post these pictures to show that sometimes it is not really that much more to buy organic food.  If I didn’t currently have lots of apples from my neighbour’s tree, I would be all over this.

Now’s The Time to Buy Clearance Kids Clothes

At Superstore all of the baby/toddler/kids summer clothing is on clearance so it’s a great time to stock up for next year, especially because they have their $10 off coupon in stores right now!

photo(42)I always buy my kids a size bigger than the age they will be next season.  For example: Chloe will be 4 next summer so I am buying her size 5 clearance items.  It’s a bit tricky to plan for the next year when you have a baby under 1 because you haven’t really seen their growth pattern yet, but with prices like these and by buying a size bigger than their age, you should come in pretty close. 

Take a look at these clearance prices (Sherwood Park location)!

Organic Milk and Organic Beef for $0.94!

Milk and beef were on our small grocery list this week.  I was THRILLED when I found Avalon Organic Milk 2L for 50% off at Superstore.  My pleasure escalated when I found that Superstore now carries organic ground beef!


$0.94 after Superbucks

I went in hoping not to spend any money at all, but to simply use my Superbucks, but I was $0.94 short, so I forked over a dollar, BUT I earned back 1000 PC Plus points with my beef purchase so in reality, it was like I got these organic items free!  If you don’t count the PC Points I earned, my savings today were just about 90%!  




A Couple Good Buys This Weekend

Superstore had a few good items today:


– Organic bread 50% off: $1.50
– Organic Krema yogurt (500g) 50% off: $2.14 – $1 coupon = $1.14
– Organic bananas: $0.77/lb (Sherwood Park location only): $1.53
– Pillers Free From Deli Meat 50% off: $3.39

I also redeemed $110.00 worth of PC Points to get my groceries for $29.02!  I love loyalty rewards!

Save on Organic Milk and Bananas This Week

Bananas and milk are staples in our home, so thankfully this week we can get extra savings!

Organic bananas at Superstore are usually about $0.97/lb.  Keep your receipt and upload it to Checkout51 and get $0.25 rebate.  This may not seem like much, but the rebates add up until you reach $20 and then you will have a cheque mailed to you!

photoDon’t forget to check your PC Points offers this week.  You might have the bananas offer like I do and can score even more savings!


Sobeys has their Dairyland organic 4L of milk on sale for $7.99 this week.  Use the $1 off coupon and get it for only $6.99.  I will be taking the Sobey’s flyer in and price matching it at Superstore since I hardly ever shop at Sobeys.


Price match this sale price at Superstore or Walmart!


I found these at the Baseline Sobeys in Sherwood Park.

Happy shopping!


A Couple Products Worth Picking Up This Week

Superstore has a few deals you may want to check out!

Organic butter is not cheap and almost NEVER goes on sale.  Certainly take advantage of this sale where the 250g bar is only $3.98 (regular $4.98).  Maybe even cash in some PC Points and pay nothing to stock up!  Butter freezes VERY well.


Now that the price of organic quinoa has gone up at Costco, you may want to pick up a few 200g boxes of quinoa while it’s on sale for $2.98.  If you have a $1 Hains Celestial mail out coupon you can get the box for just $1.98: a decent price for 200g of organic quinoa.


If you don’t have the Hains Celestial coupon, contact them and request one so you can use it next time this product is on sale.  They have EXCELLENT couscous too!

25% Back When You Buy Free-From Meats!

Quick!  I must write a post while all the children are sleeping!

PC Plus has a great points rewards promotion for this week:


This is a fantastic time to stock up on meats ESPECIALLY if they have the 30% off clearance stickers.


Select free-from meats also have their own in-store points rewards as well!


Absolutely take advantage of this great offer to stock up on great meat and points!  Happy shopping!

Why I Think Spending $250 and Getting 25,000 PC Points is Better than Getting the $25 Gift Card

This week Superstore has the promotion “get 25,000 PC Points when you spend $250 in-store”.


I like this offer better than getting a $25 gift card when you spend $250 in-store, simply because PC Points do not expire, but the $25 promotional gift card does.   You’re still being rewarded the $25, you just don’t have to feel the pressure of spending it before a certain time.